BTC Credit raises $1million investment within days of private sale launch

12-13-2018 | 13:21:01
BTCCredit is set to disrupt the billion dollar lending industry with its innovative platform that aims to make peer-to-peer (P2P) crypto lending mainstream.

A look back: Digital transformation in South Africa

12-13-2018 | 12:07:00
The start of 2018 saw global technology research firm, International Data Corporation (IDC), predict that South African channel partners would have to evolve strategy and platform to meet the growing demand for digital transformation.

Jumia launches its Africa Hospitality Report 2018/19

12-13-2018 | 11:38:07
Jumia has launched its Africa Hospitality Report 2018/19. The 2nd edition of the report looks at the 2017/2018 trends in the continent’s tourism, travel, hospitality and aviation industries.

[Egypt] IFC invests $1 million in Vezeeta to bolster health innovations

12-13-2018 | 11:09:17
IFC is investing $1 million in Vezeeta, an Egyptian technology company that operates an online platform that allows patients to quickly find doctors.

Mondelēz International sells African cheese business to Arla Foods

12-13-2018 | 11:05:09
Mondelēz International, Inc. is set to sell Kraft-branded Cheese Business in Africa and Middle East to Denmark dairy company Arla Foods.

[Zimbwabwe] WorldRemit partners BancABC for digital money transfer services

12-13-2018 | 09:35:58
Global money transfer company, WorldRemit has partnered with Atlas Mara Limited-owned Zimbabwe financial institution BancABC to provide a digital money transfer service.

[South Africa] Insurtech startup Pineapple accepted into US Insurance accelerator

12-13-2018 | 08:41:59
More than a year and a month after insurance tech startup Pineapple raised R5.2m from Lireas Holdings, the strategic investment arm of Hannover-Re Group Africa, the startup has now been accepted into The Hartford Insurtech Hub.

South Africa deposits instrument ratifying Tripartite Free Trade Area

12-13-2018 | 08:36:30
South Africa has deposited the instrument of ratification of the Agreement establishing the Tripartite Free Trade Area.

Qatar Petroleum marks its first entry into the Republic of Mozambique

12-13-2018 | 08:36:28
Qatar Petroleum has entered into an agreement with an ExxonMobil affiliate to acquire a 10% participating interest in three offshore exploration blocks in the Republic of Mozambique.

[Egypt] Shifting public funds from infrastructure to investing in people - World Bank report

12-13-2018 | 08:33:00
Egypt has an opportunity to capitalize on current reforms by enabling more private investment in infrastructure and freeing up public funds for investments in people’s education, health and social protection.

[Column] Bob Koigi: Africa’s silver bullet is in its new tribe

12-13-2018 | 13:29:59
In East Africa, a group of vanguard youthful innovators are transforming the region into a tech powerhouse through modern innovations.

[Kenya Business Week] Conquering the skies, an innovation at a time

12-13-2018 | 13:27:58
Weeks after launching direct flights to the United States, Kenya is streamlining its aviation sector further.

[Column] Phyllis Wakiaga: Kenya’s focus on SMEs is a welcome Intervention

12-13-2018 | 06:29:00
50 per cent of all new Kenyan jobs are estimated to come from medium and large companies, despite them constituting only 20 per cent of all firms in the manufacturing and services sectors.

[Column] Chetan Goshalia, Kickstarting the future: The South African entrepreneur

12-12-2018 | 12:54:00
South Africa has, according to the report ‘Small Businesses in India, Brazil and South Africa: Basic Characteristics’, far less red tape than Brazil and yet that country manages to produce SMEs at double the rate.

[Interview] Tony Idugboe, Vice President, Itanna, Nigeria

12-11-2018 | 10:15:00
Tony Idugboe is Vice President, Head of Investments at Itanna, an investment vehicle that drives and supports Nigeria's most promising tech-enabled startups.

[SA Business Week] Investment wave boosts country’s earnings, attractiveness

12-08-2018 | 19:02:00
South Africa continues to be the continent’s preferred destination for international investors due to its competitive market, favorable political climate, a booming middle class and strategic location.

[Column] Bob Koigi: Cultivating the Facebook farming revolution to grow African economies

12-06-2018 | 13:31:08
In less than a decade, Africa ICT sector has experienced an unprecedented boom that has caught the world’s attention.

[Kenya Business Week] Manufacturing, automation and job creation nexus

12-06-2018 | 13:28:21
Even with mounting fears that rapid automation could reduce the number of jobs in the Kenya’s manufacturing sector, a new report posits that digital technologies can, in fact, boost job creation.

[Africa Tech Week] Digital payments driving financial inclusion in Africa

12-06-2018 | 12:40:26
Over the last few years, Africa has shown so much potential for mobile money services adoption or what we can call digital payments services especially in regions where financial inclusion is limited.

[Column] Corine Mbiaketcha Nana: Automation vacation – technology driving change in the Kenyan travel industry

12-06-2018 | 08:16:15
It is often said we live for the holidays, and perhaps proof of that is the fact that today, the tourist industry is one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the world.