Ethiopian Airlines launches sustainability initiative to support local farmers

10-23-2019 | 16:40:00
Ethiopian Airlines Group has launched an innovative capacity development initiative aimed at creating local value in agricultural products.

World Food Prize and World Hunger Fighters Foundation launch fellowship for young African agribusiness innovators

10-23-2019 | 16:37:00
The World Food Prize Foundation and the newly launched World Hunger Fighters Foundation are partnering to provide year-long fellowships for young African food innovators and entrepreneurs.

Sudan and IFAD launch €77.7 million programme to help 720,000 smallholder farmers adapt to climate change

10-23-2019 | 16:28:00
With over 80 per cent of the Sudanese labour force engaged in agriculture, a new €77.7 million programme to increase food security and ensure access to natural resources is a vital investment in Sudan’s future.

ITFC and OCP Africa ink deal on financing, innovating and capacity building African agriculture

10-23-2019 | 16:25:00
The ITFC and OCP Africa have signed an MOU that will cater towards strategic funding, innovation and capacity building measures to increase yields and income levels for Africa’s smallholder farmers.

FAO and the Netherland's Development Finance Company partner to improve agriculture financing in developing countries

10-23-2019 | 16:20:26
FAO and FMO, the Dutch Entrepreneurial Development Bank have partnered to increase investments in favor of SMEs and small-scale producers operating within the agribusiness sector.

[South Africa] Vodacom launches a 4G smart feature phone

10-23-2019 | 12:51:26
Vodacom has launched a 4G smart feature phone – the Vodacom Vibe 4G at R299 in South Africa for designed for customers who are looking at getting their hands on a smart, yet affordable device.

Air Afrik to lay off 200 employees in Kenya and South Sudan

10-23-2019 | 12:34:00
Air Afrik will cut roughly 80 per cent of its salaried staff in both Kenya and South Sudan by November as part of the company’s restructuring process.

Ethiopian Airlines to resume flights to Athens

10-23-2019 | 11:30:00
Ethiopian Airlines has announced the resumption of its flight to Athens, Greece effective Dec 13, 2019.

Lack of competition in broadband markets keeping millions offline, A4AI report

10-23-2019 | 09:34:26
Research published by the Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI) has found out that consolidated broadband markets are keeping prices high keeping millions of people offline.

[Kenya] Safaricom announces new strategy, unveils no expiry bundles

10-23-2019 | 09:10:00
Safaricom has today marked 19 years since the company launched by unveiling a new strategy and renewing its commitment to its customers.

[Column] Patricia Scotland: The world must not sleep-walk into another debt crisis

10-23-2019 | 11:40:00
Trade wars, protectionism, and nationalist rhetoric are combining to weave the possibility of a nightmare debt crisis that could be worse than any previously experienced.

[Column] Sandra Crous: Cloud is the future of payroll

10-23-2019 | 05:11:00
Cloud technologies are becoming more popular than ever before, with research from RightScale revealing that some 94% of organisations are using the cloud in some capacity within their businesses.

Cybersecurity is fast becoming an investment priority for every business

10-22-2019 | 10:30:00
Providing a secure business environment is every company's key concern and cybersecurity is fast becoming an investment priority, regardless of industry or size.

[Column] Boris Ivanov: How global energy dynamics are shaping the outlook for African exploration

10-22-2019 | 06:27:55
Africa is a continent rich in energy resources, but poor in supply. For most Africans energy is either unaffordable, unreliable or inaccessible.

[Column] Cameron Beveridge: The new business battlefield

10-18-2019 | 12:36:18
Until recently, it was nearly impossible to prove the business impact of customer experience through quantifiable data.

[Column] Phathizwe Malinga: Watch your perimeter

10-17-2019 | 06:12:00
Teqcon specialises in the design and development of perimeter detection devices and they have worked with SqwidNet to launch an intelligent, wireless perimeter solution that uses Sigfox to communicate.

[Column] Flora Kangethe: Customer service to backend - How cloud-based AI enables modernisation of business

10-17-2019 | 05:35:00
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is proving to be a key technology in delivering improved customer experience and exceeding customer expectations

[Column] Nick Durrant: Mobile apps help improve customer experience

10-16-2019 | 08:40:00
Creating a mobile app is a phenomenal tool to help businesses improve their corporate image and overall reputation, especially if they want to improve their customer service experience and boost their brand.

[Column] Helen Kruger: Capitalising on the Software-Defined Data Centre

10-16-2019 | 08:30:27
The Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) combines exceptional performance with unprecedented flexibility, enabling IT assets and IT organisations to operate and change at the speed of business.