Organon introduces global ESG strategy and commitments with publication of inaugural ESG report
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Organon, a global women’s healthcare company, which employs more than 400 people in its operations in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey region, announced the publication of its inaugural Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report for 2021. The ESG report introduces the company’s ESG platform, known as Her Promise, and details how the company is working to help women and girls achieve the full potential of their promise through better health. The publication of the ESG Report and launch of Her Promise coincides with Organon’s one year anniversary and reflects the company’s vision to create a better and healthier every day for every woman around the world.  

As the only global women’s healthcare company of its kind, Organon is well positioned to help address several current and growing women’s health challenges. Through Her Promise, Organon is making focused investments and forming strategic partnerships with the goal of introducing and expanding access to health solutions that improve women’s health and advance gender equity, inside and outside Organon. 

“In just one year, Organon has made considerable progress in addressing gender-related disparities in health by listening to women and investing in areas where high unmet needs exist. Since our launch, we have focused on treatment gaps that need to be addressed, like family planning methods, fertility, post-partum hemorrhage, pre-term labor, endometriosis and bacterial vaginosis, and will continue to strive to deliver innovation, improve access and expand choice for treatments areas that uniquely or disproportionately affect women,” says Kevin Ali, Organon’s Chief Executive Officer. “The goals stated in our first ESG Report create a roadmap for the future of how we will continue to propel forward and partner to transform the current women’s health environment.”

“I am proud to say that in the past year, we have made substantial headway in placing women’s health at the top of the regional agenda by joining forces with local authorities and industry partners. Moving forward, we will keep working strategically with key stakeholders across the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey (MENAT) region to achieve the goals stated in our first ESG report, in line with our commitment to advance her health and fulfill her promise.”, added Ramy Koussa, MENAT Lead at Organon.

On its one-year anniversary, Organon is making the following goals to achieve Her Promise:

  • To improve access to low-cost contraceptives in 69 of the world’s least developed countries. Through the Organon Her Promise Access Initiative, Organon is working with global organizations to provide family planning information, education and access to low-cost contraceptive options. Organon’s goal is to provide 100 million women in low- and middle- income countries with affordable access to contraceptive options by 2030.

  • To redefine and harness innovation in women’s health. Organon will dedicate a majority of its pre-clinical and clinical development activity toward the unmet health needs of women. Organon has already begun with development activities in high unmet need areas including postpartum hemorrhage, endometriosis, and pre-term labor.

  • Expand access to treatment options that improve her health and help secure her promise. Working together with global partners, Organon plans to expand access to treatment options for post-partum hemorrhage in women, in both developed and developing markets. We will also seek to help address affordability of fertility treatments and access to education to decrease the unmet medical need in fertility.

  • Achieve balanced gender representation through all levels of Organon globally by 2030 and pay equity. Organon has had a strong start by launching with a Board of Directors that consists of accomplished individuals with exceptional skills and expertise, and also represents gender and racial diversity. Currently, Organon’s Board is the most diverse healthcare board on the S&P 500. Moreover, currently across Middle East North Africa and Turkey, Organon has a 40% female representation.

  • Aim to support the transition to a low carbon economy, with an ambition to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions. We also aim to integrate water stewardship and circular economy principles into our business models. The report details concrete short- and mid-term actions we will take to meet these long-term ambitions.

  • Uphold the highest levels of ethics and integrity throughout its business.

“The Board is committed to achieving both Organon’s business goals as well as contributing to societal goals, and to continuing to drive the company’s ESG strategy,” says Carrie Cox, Board Chairman. “We are pleased to be in a position to publish a comprehensive ESG report just one year after the company’s establishment and highlight our purpose and goals in improving the health of women and girls.