Medicines360, MSI Reproductive Choices and MSK launch Avibela hormonal IUD in Kenya
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Medicines360, MSI Reproductive Choices (MSI) and Marie Stopes Kenya (MSK) announced the launch of AVIBELA (levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system) 52 mg in Kenya. This is the third launch of Medicines360's hormonal intrauterine device (IUD) in Africa, following Madagascar and Zambia.

"Through our partnership with MSI and MSK, women in Kenya will gain increased access to an affordable and effective long-acting reversible contraceptive. We are committed to closing gaps in women's health, and AVIBELA will help us reach a population of women who don't have access to the full range of contraceptive methods," said Tina Raine-Bennett, MD, MPH, FACOG, Chief Executive Officer, Medicines360. "Research has shown that making more methods of contraception widely available in a country better meets the needs of women and couples, resulting in an increase in overall contraceptive use."

Together, Medicines360, MSI and MSK are dedicated to increasing access to the full range of contraceptive options in Kenya and across the globe. In collaboration with Medicines360, MSK will offer the product to women in Kenya at a lower price than previously available in the country, enabling the product to be distributed broadly throughout their networks. MSK and MSI will market and distribute the contraceptive while training qualified healthcare providers in health clinics and hospitals across Kenya, including virtual trainings on device insertion and removal techniques from Medicines360's master trainers. Ongoing client and consumer research from MSK will also help ensure relevant strategies, promotional and educational materials reach women and providers in the area.

"Only 6% of Kenyan women currently use an IUD, but almost all of this use is copper IUDs, as hormonal IUDs have only been available in limited quantities at unaffordable pricesi," said Dr. Helen Blackholly, Vice President & Technical Services Director, MSI Reproductive Choices. "AVIBELA is an attractive option because it combines pregnancy prevention with other lifestyle and health benefits that so many women want. We are delighted to have collaborated with Medicines360 to bring this product to market."

Kenya is among the leading nations in family planning in Africa, with the first official nationwide family planning program in sub-Saharan Africa that launched in 1967iiiii. In addition, the Kenyan government aims to increase the contraceptive prevalence rate to 66% by 2030iv, after reaching 61% in 20181. "However, increases in contraceptive prevalence have stagnated in the past several years. Most contraception users rely on one of two methods, injectables and implants, which may indicate a lack of choice," said Dr. Job Makoyo, Programmes and Operations Director, Marie Stopes Kenya. "Making this highly effective and affordable method available in Kenya will give women a new choice that may better meet their needs."