Gabon deposits instrument of ratification of the African Medicines Agency to the AU Commission
07-10-2021 08:20:10 | by: Pie Kamau | hits: 1467 | Tags:

The Republic of Gabon became the 14th member state to deposit the instrument of ratification of the African Medicines Agency (AMA) to the AU Commission on 4th October 2021 after ratifying it on the 1st October 2021.

AMA aims to provide support for the improvement of weak regulatory systems. AMA will, among other functions, coordinate and strengthen ongoing initiatives to harmonize medical products regulation and enhance the competence of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) inspectors to do so. The Agency will further coordinate the collection, management, storage and sharing of information on all medical products including substandard and falsified medical products, with all its States Parties and globally.

To date, eighteen (18) member states have ratified the AMA Treaty and fourteen (14) of these have deposited the instruments of ratification to the Commission. The AMA Treaty will enter into Force 30 days upon the deposit of the 15th instrument of ratification at the Commission.

Pending the deposit of the 15th instrument of ratification, the Commission has invited member states to submit proposals for the hosting of the Africa Medicines Agency Headquarters. The Commission has also further extended the deadline for submission of interest to host the AMA up to 15th October 2021, as per the ruling of the Permanent Representatives Committee (PRC) on 6th September 2021. The Commission expects to have the established AMA in 2022.

The African Union Commission encourages all its Member States to sign and ratify the Treaty for the establishment of AMA in the interest of public health, safety and security. The Treaty is available for signature at the Headquarters of the Commission in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.