[Egypt] Plastic bank signs a cooperation agreement with Lorenz snack world
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Plastic Bank Social Enterprise announced the signing of a new partnership with Lorenz Snack World – Egypt, which seeks to contribute to the efforts made to reduce plastic waste and prevent it from reaching seas and rivers.

According to the agreement, Lorenz Snack World – Egypt will prevent 20,000 kilograms of plastic waste (equivalent to over 1 million single-use plastic bottles) from reaching the seas and rivers in 2022 in collaboration with Plastic Bank. The new initiative also aims to improve the living conditions of coastal communities.

Amr El-Kady, Plastic Bank’s Regional Director for Egypt, the Middle East, and Africa, stated: “Plastic Bank is keen to forge new collaborations with reputable partners to contribute in finding solutions for several social issues, and improving living conditions of plastic collectors, as well as eradicating plastic waste in Egypt. This comes in line with the State’s direction towards a green future.”

“We are delighted to cooperate with Lorenz Snack World – Egypt, one of the major international food manufacturers, who shares with us the same vision towards environmental sustainability and social development, and aims to support the circular economy model in Egypt,” added Amr El-Kady.

Furthermore, Abdulla Ezzat, General Manager and CFO of Lorenz Snack World – Egypt, stated: “We are thrilled to be part of this cooperation with Plastic Bank, who shares a vision to attain sustainability in every aspect of the environment, especially that they were the first to introduce a comprehensive ecosystem and integrate sustainable practices into their strategies in Egypt, where they made unprecedented success in a short time span.”

He also added: “Lorenz Snack World – Egypt is committed to provide plastic collectors with basic family necessities, such as: groceries, cooking fuel, and health insurance in collaboration with Plastic Bank, which opens new channels for social development and attaining environmental sustainability.”