DRC holds rollout of AstraZeneca vaccine as a precautionary measure
15-03-2021 08:23:23 | by: Pascaline Icyizere | hits: 2040 | Tags:

The Democratic Republic of Congo has postponed its AstraZeneca vaccination rollout campaign, originally set to begin on Monday, March 15th.

This is as a result of various countries taking similar precautionary measures over blood clot fears.

DRC had received 1.7 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccines.

However, Health Minister Eteni Longondo said in a statement released on Saturday that “As a precautionary measure, we decided to postpone the date for the launch of vaccination in the DRC.”

“There were countries which suspended their vaccination plans out of precaution because they reported problems with thrombosis and death. So far, there is no proof that these problems are linked to the vaccine,” he said.

Minister Longondo added that a new date for the DRC’s vaccination campaign would be announced shortly, after the results of national and international investigations are made available.