[Morocco] WeMash Digital startup supports businesses’ digital transformation
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Founded in September 2020 by Nizar Berdai, WeMash Digital is a growing Moroccan initiative that brings together a team of young, ambitious, and creative developers, consultants, and graphic designers. 

The fresh startup specializes in digital marketing, design, web development, advertising, market research, SEO, and social networks.

By combining information technology (IT) and innovative ways of communication, WeMash Digital’s 10-person team works to help enterprises grow by designing websites and web platforms with effective digital strategies.

At a time when both small and big businesses were closing their doors and letting go of their employees, the idea behind WeMash Digital was starting to develop. As Morocco put into effect different restrictions of movement (ROM) measures, many companies sought alternative ways to move their businesses online. WeMash Digital was devising ways to help them with this transition. 

“We decided to come up with solutions as more business owners realized that their survival rests on the digital transformation of their respective businesses. We believe that online is now the new frontier, especially for more traditional businesses,” Nizar Berdai said.

According to WeMash Digital’s CEO, the choice of the name “WeMash” reflects the company’s aspiration to offer comprehensive strategies and solutions custom-fit to any client business they assist, from start to finish. “We basically mash with them to get perfect results,” he added.

Given the nature of the services WeMash Digital offers, the company encourages innovation and creativity.

“Our team is talented, passionate, hard-working, idea-generating and client-focused marketers who love what they do. We regularly review spontaneous applications and invite all creative and passionate people to join us!” said Berdai.

They also encourage part-time jobs and employ students, helping them enhance their career and broaden their occupation horizons.

Wsselni Maak: Morocco’s first carpool app

Besides the services the company continuously offers to its clients, WsselniMaak (meaning “give me a ride”) is the first project WeMash Digital has worked on. It is the first application of urban (short distance) carpooling in Morocco. It connects drivers with passengers living in the same city wishing to share their daily car journeys so as to reduce travel costs.

“We want to reinvent daily transportation in Morocco by digitizing and democratizing the practice of carpooling in the city. We have designed the mobile application that will put you in touch with the best carpoolers at the right time for faster, cheaper and environmentally friendly trips,” says the WeMash Digital website.

Inspired by the daily trouble many Moroccans face in finding and affording public transportation, WsselniMaak is economical and its services meet current demands of “comfort, safety, and economy,” said Berdai.

WeMash Digital says that the safety of the application is guaranteed. Anyone who is at least 18 years old can create an account, providing valid personal data as well as documents such as a CIN, driver’s license, valid car insurance, and the gray card for all drivers.

One advantage of WsselniMaak, says Berdai, is that it is environment-friendly. Using the carpooling application will reduce traffic on the road, and in this way, reduce fuel consumption and air pollution.

The purpose of WsselniMaak is to reach a wide audience in order to reinforce the carpooling culture and offer a more environmentally-friendly, safe, and cost-effective alternative to people in Morocco.

Currently, WsselniMaak is available in large cities such as Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakech, Agadir, and Fez. WeMash envisions that, by the end of 2021, the carpooling application will be available for use in all of Morocco.

Vision for the future

WeMash Digital plans to develop more mobile applications in the future in order to facilitate tasks in citizens’ daily life in various fields.

The company’s vision is to empower organizations and business owners to achieve more and take advantage of their full potential by helping them grow and extending their limits.

After WsselniMaak, WeMash aims to create more mobile apps and platforms that will change and improve Moroccans’ daily lives.

As the pandemic continues to impose restrictions on businesses, WeMash is committed to contributing and helping startups and SMEs during their digital transformation to face the challenges.