[BLOG] What Corporate Social Responsibility mean to me
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Ignoring social issues, for instance, bad working conditions or very low salaries, might lead to poorly educated workers. These circumstances reduce productivity because of the little performance of the personnel which has negative influences on the economic as well as on the ecological targets.

Bad ecological conditions, for instance, environmental pollution might have a significant impact on human's health which also may limit worker's performance. Therefore, polluted environment have negative influence on both, social and economic issues.

As a consequence of global warming and social grievances worldwide, customers and public pressure force companies more and more to reengineer their corporation in favor of sustainability issues.

In general, CSR can be used as an instrument to improve a company's reputation which is quite valuable for being successful in future business. Especially for brand differentiation, CSR helps to separate the company from competition and to develop a unique selling proposition.

Corporate Social Responsibility in a company can also have positive impact on the motivation of a company's employees. Usually, employees demonstrate more engagement if they have the feeling of being part of something good or rather are able to contribute something good to society/environment with their work performance which leads to more productivity.

Furthermore, good corporate reputation through CSR is also a way to attract highly qualified personnel which can be a valuable attribute for differentiation.

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