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All work and no play they say makes Jake a doll boy! But having to work in a country far away from one's own and in a lucrative position is what many cherish but few achieve.

Many are those who prefer to take up unskilled job positions anywhere else but home while others would rather find jobs suitable to their qualifications. Whichever way one wants it, Africa presents a huge opportunity for everyone.

Africa now boosts of numerous Oil discoveries and is also spoken of as one of the world’s biggest producers of crude oil.

Despite the display of jobs available in the highly lucrative oil sector, the agricultural sector is craving for both skilled and unskilled workers and investors too.

The people highly receptive and hospitable and the land is fertile, the weather good, the market untapped. This sector has a good potential for everyone.

Technology is one major area that one can consider. Africa is currently the biggest consumer of technological products worldwide. Most of these products are imported without after sales support or service providers therefore creating a big opportunity for the small number of technicians available.

Both expatriates and locals are needed to work in the mining sector (gold, precious stones, coal, limestone etc), educational sector, tourism and hospitality sector, aviation sector and energy sector.

The bad image the world foreign press has about Africa comes with the belief that Africa is a "no-go-area". This assumption is very laughable. Africa is investor friendly but just like any other economy, has its fair share of social vices.

Isaac Twumasi-Quantus

Managing Business Director

Africa Business Communities



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