[BLOG] The aviation industry must plan
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Air travel in Africa is one of the fastest growing businesses in Africa today. This therefore suggests that there is need for other industry stakeholders to work together to take advantage of the prospects.

For many, air travel continues to open up opportunities that simply did not exist before. Aviation across the world has brought people together and has contributed to business understanding and cultural interchange. Through the exchange of knowledge and ideas, air travel has become the bridge to innovation, stimulating economic growth in the process.

We cannot overlook the substantial financial gains stemming from air-traveling tourists and their many expenditures, nor can we overlook the employment and revenue it generates for airline suppliers. It also generates employment even for suppliers to these airlines.

There are under-served regional and domestic markets waiting to be exploited. Should the right aircraft be set up, operations within the continent will see significant traffic boost.

Yet one big problem facing the industry in Africa is safety, which I believe if we put our house in order, will become a thing of the past.

In addition, ground passenger handling, ticketing and reservations must adhere to industry standards and best practices in safety.

To help enhance a culture of safety, operators must be made to adhere to standard requirements before issuing an air operators certificate, in order to maintain high safety standards and be efficient in an era of technological change and increasing passenger numbers.

Isaac Twumasi-Quantus is Webmaster, Editor @Africa Business Communities.

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