[Survey] Implementing Inclusive Business Models in Africa
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We invite business professionals in Africa to participate in a survey on business models for inclusive development.

This short survey is part of a major research project undertaken by Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University (The Netherlands) in collaboration with ESAMI and the Netherlands African Business Council.

This project, which takes place in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Mozambique, Ethiopia and The Netherlands, aims to establish how organisations like yours can implement inclusive business models that contribute to inclusive development. This partly depends on your present position and motivations, your insights in what inclusive business models entail and your assessment of the influence of the national environment.

By filling out this survey, you will enable the research team to identify useful insights on implementing inclusive business models. Your participation is, therefore, very relevant and highly appreciated!

Filling out the survey will take you approximately 15 minutes.

Participants are invited to attend one of our upcoming research workshops on inclusive development that we will be organizing in several countries in East Africa.

The data will be treated confidentially and none of the research reports will mention names of organizations. 

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Thank you for participating,

The Africa Business Communities Team