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[Startup Interview] Sol Mukasa, Founder, Brand Honcho, South Africa

Sol Mukasa is the founder and head of Brand Honcho, a marketing and advertising agency that is changing the rules of marketing through broadening the way agencies and clients interact with one another. This it has achieved through a host of bespoke marketing tools that has seen it bag both local and international clients.

Tell us a bit about your company

Brand Honcho is a strategic brand and marketing consulting firm whose approach is based on broadening the manner in which agency and clients interact with one another. Key to the company’s value proposition is the focus on our clients’ business objectives while delivering on some level of return on investment.

 This progressive approach to servicing clients is underpinned by our outsource model which ensures that a client not only gets value for money but the campaign strategy used is the one best suited to  their specific needs.

We offer services in lead generation, YouTube marketing, dipstick video market research, video content, developing 360 degrees brand and marketing strategies presented as brand plan, executing above the line and below the line, word of mouth and experiential advertising campaigns, strategic marketing and brand advisory services and graphic design among others.

 Where is the company located?

We are in Rondebosch, Cape Town South Africa.

When was it founded and who are the shareholders?

Brand Honcho came to existence in May 2016 and was founded by me.

How is the company funded?

At the moment the company is funded by the founder but we have prospects of growing the funding portfolio moving forward.

What are your company’s unique selling points?

As a marketing consultancy & advertising agency, we use the outsource business model to offer our clients return on investment.

Although services include brand strategy, design, digital marketing, above and below the line marketing, our distinct value proposition is that of be a specialist content marketing agency. From text to video content, we pride ourselves on understanding the value of high quality compelling marketing content.

 How has the market responded to your services?

Impressively well. Once a client understands and can see the direct correlation between our services and how this relates to a tangible return on investment they are hooked.

Who are your clients?

We deal with a wide array of clients across the spectrum

What are the ambitions of the company both local and international?

From day one our ambition has always been to grow into an international organization. We currently already service a few international clients.

What does your company need to grow and prosper?

More opportunities to show and present to businesses the importance of having a robust brand and marketing strategy that can deliver on roi.

 What is the latest news?

Brand honcho consulting is at an exciting phase of its journey with more and more clients wanting to sit and meet with us to discuss how we can add value to their business and show them how our unique approach and strategy then ties directly with delivering on sales for the client.


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