[Startup Interview] Radwa Khairy, Founder, Talents Fit, Egypt
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Radwa Khairy has over a decade's worth of experience in the Human Resources, Hospitality and Travels fields. In December 2018, she founded Talents Fit, a recruitment platform servicing human resourcing and employment needs in Egypt. 

Please introduce your company.

Talents Fit is the first specialized recruitment website in Egypt that serves specific industries to close the gap between the employer and the top talents in the market by using a new approach and concept in addition to HR Consultancy Services that can be extended to Africa and the Middle East Regions. We're located at 6th October City, Giza. Cairo.

Who are your clients?

We work with companies in the industries of Hospitality, Tourism, Aviation Services & Retail, Education & Training,· Media, Online Marketing and Software Engineering.

What are the company’s Unique Selling Points?

Our best selling point is our specialization in the above-mentioned fields, as there is a wide gap between the employer and the top talents in Egypt. We also have a section for Special Needs, which is quite lacking in Egypt today.

How is Talents Fit funded?

Up until now by personal investments. I am now looking to apply for funds and seeking an incubator who believes in our vision.

What inspired the starting of Talents Fit?

Based on my network in hospitality and retail fields, there is a great need for a comprehensive database, especially in entry level positions, and this will see an increment in the coming five years in Egypt due to new projects coming up in these fields.

Demand in the education sector is seasonal based on the 2nd quarter of the year which is the peak of recruitment process, moreso as we have recently seen a lot of newly established schools and universities in different parts of the country.

As for the Media & Online Marketing Sector, we are in the Digital Era and digital marketing including Social Media Coverge has become a must in every company, not only in Egypt.
Finally, there is a new, unique demand in Egypt, as per our President’s directions, to pay more attention to the special needs (nearly 10% of the population in Egypt) to make them feel more productive in our society. Talents Fit responds to this requirement.

What are the growth plans of Talents Fit?

Our vision is to expand in the Middle East & Africa in the above-mentioned sectors as we have a considerable number of top talents in the these fields who can cover the market needs internationally, not just in Egypt. What we need is funding (incubator) to make this a reality. The plan is to start expansion in Africa, a most promising region for growth, and we are now in the process of approaching new markets here and in the Middle East with the aim of establishing partnerships and mutual cooperation agreements.



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