[Startup Interview] Lola Ekugo, Founder, Transthat, Nigeria
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Lola Ekugo runs an online business that connects travelers and people in Nigeria who want to buy items abroad or transport documents from abroad. It has become an instant hit for providing a fast, safe and reliable alternative to the traditional shipping methods that are expensive and time consuming. It also allows travelers with extra luggage space earn extra cash by renting out their spaces. Lola talked to Africa Business Communities about the journey so far.

 Tell us about your company

Transthat is an online platform that connects travelers who have extra luggage space and want to earn some extra cash, with people in Nigeria who want items from “abroad”. Transthat will hold the money in escrow to ensure that transactions are done safely and securely on the platform.

Where is your company located?

We are in Lagos Nigeria

 When was the company founded and by who?

Transthat was established in June 2017 by Lola Ekugo

 How is the company funded?

The company is purely self funded

 What are your company’s Unique Selling Points?

 The Transthat.com tech- start up was built out of a passion for solving pertinent problems and helping others in Nigeria.

With Transthat, people in Nigeria can now enjoy their favourite products from abroad more frequently without the heavy price tag of them travelling and with no exorbitant Shipping costs.

Transthat offers a buy option for products and a Transfer lite option for documents only. Transthat Travelers will earn extra cash by utilizing their previously unused extra luggage space in exchange for helping a requestor buy an item or transfer a document.

Transthat facilitates each request and holds the money paid by the requestor in escrow so travellers can shop with peace of mind. Transthat is unique in that it is not limited to things you can buy online from abroad. Requests can be made to pick something up from a local market or a local gallery without an online delivery service.

How has the market responded to your services?

Since it’s launch in June 2017, Transthat has generated a lot of interest and received a lot of positive feedback. People have signed up are already utilizing the service.

Who are your clients?

Travelers and people in Nigeria who want to buy items abroad or transport documents from abroad.

What are the ambitions of the company?

International. We hope to expand and cater to markets in Ghana, Kenya and other Sub - Saharan African countries.

What does your company need to grow and prosper?

We would need funding in the future to grow and expand.

 What is the latest news?

We are currently signing up travelers on Transthat.com with excellent bonuses for carrying out their first request.



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