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Several high ranked companies in Africa with years of experience have failed miserably to enhance the power of IT. This is due to lack of understanding the basics, before implementing an "IT system" to improve their organisations business processes.

Coupled with numerous challenges, African business leaders are therefore not absolved of perplexed problems that first world countries face.

African business leaders therefore, need to cover the basics prior to embarking on huge projects that produce undesired or no results to improve their businesses.

African business leaders do not realise the impact of IT on business processes and how IT should integrate into the business to effectively gain competitive advantage.

If business processes are not working effectively, IT will only speed up problems and not solve them. IT just like any other resource needs to be managed efficiently and effectively.

We need to understand the implication of IT and the lack of laws and policies governing the technology to be able to stand global competition.

Most African business leaders have the view that, as long as one is connected to the outside world we can do business. Business competencies and goals should drive the business and not the technology.

IT should only be a supporting backbone facilitating process.

IT can be a solution for businesses. African business leaders can avoid mistakes that have plagued other multinationals by learning from the rest of the world.


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