Launch African Leadership University School of Business
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My name is Fred Swaniker, founder of African Leadership University (ALU). I am delighted to announce the launch of ALU School of Business.

A key turning point in my career as a business leader was when I went to Stanford University to do my MBA. It was an amazing two years, during which I was able to flesh out my entrepreneurial ideas (for example I wrote the plan for the African Leadership Academy), enhance my business acumen and grow as a leader.

At ALU, we are pioneering a fresh approach to business education, to bring world-class training to the next generation of leaders on the continent, and thought you, as a rising African professional would share in the excitement of the launch of our ALU MBA programme.

  • We have designed this MBA based on what we do best at the African Leadership Group: developing you as a leader.

  • It is part-time, so you will be able to apply learnings immediately and see its impact.

  • We combine curricula from Harvard Business School’s HBX programme, Wharton, McKinsey Academy, and the Drucker Institute, with on-the-ground, Africa-specific expertise.

Let me warn you: the ALU MBA programme is not for everybody.
It is for the mavericks, the risk-takers and those who aim to change the world by going beyond the ordinary.

This is why I’m so excited to invite you to explore this opportunity further. Join our Q&A Webinar Series this week.

If you feel ready to take a look at the MBA application, please do so here

I personally look forward to meeting you soon and to helping you develop yourself into a game-changing business leader, who will shape your organisation’s destiny and make this “The African Century”.

Best wishes,

Fred Swaniker
Founder of African Leadership University