[Interview] Sandra Pascual Van de Voorde, Founder, Worldwide Export, Spain
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Sandra Pascual Van de Voorde is Spanish/Belgian founder and CEO of Worldwide Export, Barcelona, Spain. She’s got more than 15 years’ experience in international trade and export.

Her interview with Africa Business Communities:

Would you please introduce Worldwide Export?

We are an International Trade consultancy and management company. Worldwide Export specializes in opening new markets, commercial contacts, trips, exhibitions, etc.

Why the decision to start Worldwide Export?

I have been an Export Manager in several companies for more than 15 years. I love the export industry and I believe that Spanish companies need help in selling abroad and approaching new markets. This is what I’m good at.

What other companies/organizations/activities are you involved in?

I launched a clothing store, a furniture shop and a construction company. I’m also a member of the Parents Association at my children’s school, a member of my neighborhood association and member of the Rotary Club in my area.

What can the government of Spain to do bolster the economy?

There is always the need to break into new markets. It is necessary that the government continues to ensure grants for companies who exhibit in foreign countries. As I work in export, I am conscious of this necessity every day.

Do you think women entrepreneurs typically have a harder time accessing loans through traditional bank channels?

Yes of course! And this is especially true in Spain.

What can you say about the targets and plans of Worldwide Export for the rest of 2015?

At of this moment I have already reached my 2015 target and am now focusing on plans for 2016. Next year the plan is to work toward expansion and increasing my workforce.

Do you believe Social Media and the Internet to be a plus to the business environment, as it applies to your industry?

Oh yes.The internet is essential to my work every day, and Social Media like LinkedIn helps us to get new contacts every day.

What expectations do you have for Spain’s economy in the final quarter of 2015?

I really do hope it gets better still, because we aren’t getting out of this economic situation just yet.





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