[Interview] Samson Ogbole, Co-Founder, PS Nutraceuticals, Nigeria
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Agriculture and technology working together create a environment condusive to efficiency, empowerment and health. This is the mandate at PS Nutraceuticals, co-founded by Samson Ogbole.

Could you introduce your company?

PS Nutraceuticals is an agri-tech company that I started in 2016 with my business partner, P. J. Okocha. Our operational mandate is to ensure that as a people we eat right to live longer. PS Nutrac is focused on food production with climate smart technology, with the inclusion of artificial intelligence and soilless farming. Our method ensures that food production is not seasonal (any more than hunger is seasonal), while creating an environment that encourages youths to embrace agriculture.

Where does PS Nutraceuticals operate?

Our head office is in Ikoyi, Lagos (32 Ademola street, off Awolowo road) while the farm is Wasimi Ogun state.

Who are your clients?

Principally farmers with whom we work to produce certified clean planting materials/seeds. Also the government and the general public, as we partner to help promote agriculture via policy creation and supporting agriculturists.

How is the PS Nutrac funded?

We are the major promoters of soilless farming in Nigeria, at the frontier of soilless, urban and vertical farming, introduction of drones and AI into agriculture. Our unique branch of work has attracted different funding sources funding, grants and investors for profit/equity.

What has been the response from the market on soiless farming?

At the initial stage, disrupting the norm was a herculean task but that is in the past as we have lots of people investing in soilless farming, adding climate smart agriculture at varying levels and our seeds are in high demand.

What are the ambitions of PS Nutrac?

We are working to be the benchmark for health as we push for nutraceuticals in the country to redirect agriculture from just food production to becoming a foundation for health, youth empowerment, data, policy creations and climate preservation. We aim to create a blueprint for other nations to use to ensure a rejuvenated agriculture that is healthy for the farmer, the consumer and the environment without undermining the economic empowerment of the farmer.

What does the company need to thrive?

We’re hoping to discover, train and equip more talents to produce affordable technology for agriculture and funds to build tissue culture laboratory, build modern farms and create nutraceutical research centers.
This year we’re moving toward forming new partnerships that would aid us to establish a commercial tissue culture laboratory and scale up existing farms.



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