[Interview] Naike Moshi, Country Director, CVPeople Tanzania
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CVPeople Tanzania is a talent acquisition and recruitment company that has for 6 years established itself as a frontrunner in the executive search and headhunting for clients across banking, telecom, and NGO sectors. The company’s Country Director Naike Moshi explains.

Briefly introduce your company and why it was formed

CVPeople Tanzania is a Talent firm that is specialized in Executive Recruitment. We provide services in the area of Talent acquisition, attraction and analytics.

We take our service levels seriously and enjoy delivering them. Our internal service guidelines ensure that clients can rely on fast results with no compromise on quality. CVPeople Tanzania understands that people form the business.

 Your employees are your greatest assets and at CVPeople Tanzania we look after supporting, developing our greatest assets, and we encourage our clients in doing the same, to achieve the best possible results at an overall macro(organization)and micro (its people) level.

We value what drives employees in their careers, which will affect their decision to move, and we support them through the entire process.

 CvPeople Tanzania operates across Private, Public, NGOs and operates across all sectors and industries. At CVPeople Tanzania we have highly qualified dedicated Recruitment Consultants. We have recruitment solutions that open minds, unlock people's full potential, and inspire an organization's performance. Our motto "Where Talent meets Innovation" is our inspiration, and Legacy is created as a gateway to enable our motto to apply it to our people, our candidates, and our clients in the dynamic working place.

At CVPeople Tanzania, great people amount to great results. Our dedicated recruitment consultants support our ability to meet the needs of customers of all sizes.

The company was founded in Tanzania in 2014 and it was set up because as a HR professional we saw a huge gap in sourcing talent especially sourcing mid to executive level recruitment

What would you say gives CVPeople Tanzania the competitive edge?

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are not just words at CVPT . Diversity and Inclusion is embedded in everything we do, from executive-level searches and culture change services to how we operate within our own firm. It’s evident in our collaborative approach, our connections to diverse leaders who can excel in senior roles in every industry, and our partnership with organizations that support progress in diversity and inclusion around the world.

Quality Service:

For more than 6 years we have focused on quality service and built strong leadership teams through our relationships with clients and individuals worldwide We strive to recruit people with exceptional talent and ability—and to celebrate their differences. We connect great leaders with great companies

Top-Level Performance

We guarantee performance. You will see candidates that exceed your expectations.

Extensive Network

We have an extensive network of the best professionals across different industries. Due to our ability to influence our network and engage with our community of 10k, we can source high-quality candidates in a precise and efficient manner.

 Connected & Experienced

Over the last 8 years, CVPeople Tanzania has perfected our skill sets, expanded our industry knowledge, and made impactful connections with the best and brightest in private the sector.

How has the market responded to your services? Why do you think that is so?

We have positioned ourselves as a go to brand when it comes to Recruitment and other talent services. We believe in providing quality service, our precise speed and ability to innovate and improving our processes.

What does your CVPeople Tanzania need to grow and prosper?

It needs more visibility, growth strategies and innovation and forming partnerships for sustainability.

What disruptive technologies do you feel markets need to look out for in 2021?

Virtual Reality- As the world becomes increasingly remote, and social distancing continues to be the norm, Virtual technology will definitely help bridge the gap. Increasingly, virtual reality is also being used in the learning and development space.

Cloud Based HR- Remote working is fast becoming the new normal. While this trend has been catching up for the past few years, the COVID-19 situation has really brought it to the forefront. Increasingly, many companies will move to a remote-first model while others will bring remote working options for their employees.

While collaboration and productivity tools like Slack and Trello are critical to this transition, HR software has to become cloud-based too. People management processes which meet the needs of globally distributed teams in a quick and scalable manner is only possible through cloud-based HR tools.

What can you say about the changes and developments your company has undergone since its inception?

There has been a lot of changes for the last 5 years, CVPeople Tanzania was only focusing on Talent Acquisition space but from 2019, we felt stuck and felt that it was time to change and get out of the comfort zone.

We started looking deeper and identified gaps in the areas of diversity and inclusion and youths with unemployment issues. We have different projects such as Passport to Employment ( P2E) which addresses gaps for Unemployed youths.

Through this project, we were able to establish career centres in major Universities in Zanzibar, trained more than 320 youths on workforce readiness and employability skills training etc.

In addition to this, we identified gaps in the areas of acquisition. We noticed that we had very few female leaders applying for executive roles. Our Women in Management African initiative was born in 2019 with the objective to increase visibility for women leaders.

We profiled more than 100 women executives and as a result of this, we saw women promoted to CEO roles, receiving board member roles and became thought leaders in their organizations

How is competition in your industry and how are you weathering it?

The competition in Recruitment is stiff and we do weather it by always finding ways to solve problems in the talent space and being innovative.

What is the greatest threat to your business and industry?

The biggest threat of Talent Services is companies having their own hiring managers to assist with Recruitment, budget constraints to hire an executive Recruiter, Articifial intelligence that can handle all the recruitment processes among others.

What are your CVPeople Tanzania plans in 2021?

We have great plans for both CVPeople Tanzania and WIMA initiative, some of the plans include promoting our brands locally and in other regions, improve our processes , forming strategic partnerships and increase our market share.

What is the latest news from your company?

We won the Best Professional Services in 2020, the award was provided by Tanzania Women Chamber of Commerce. We are planning to have our WIMA awards event on March 27th, 2021 in Tanzania