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[Interview] Jeff Bakker, Co-Founder, Acies International Security Solutions, The Netherlands

Security expert, Jeff Bakker, is co-owner of Acies International Security Solutions and one of its operations managers responsible for the deployment and training of staff. Jeff will participate in the Amsterdam Business Networking Event on March 8.

Would you please introduce Acies International Security Solutions?

Acies International is a worldwide provider of security solutions and services. We are specialized in high risk countries. Our services are tailor-made to the demands and wishes of our clients.

In which industries does Acies International operate and who are your clients?

We operate in the security and protection of people and goods. We deliver our services to individuals, companies, (semi-)governments and NGO’s. Due to privacy and security reasons we cannot mention our clients by name but I can give you an idea about their business: IT, telecom, pharma, financial, Oil & Gas consultants, chemists, bankers, board-members, engineers, entrepreneurs and flight crews.

 Why did you start Acies International?

We had people from different branches, often working and living abroad, ask us for our expertise with security related matters.  

The founders of Acies International and later our employees have, without exception, experience within the armed forces (Special Forces, Military Police, Intelligence etcetera) and/or police (Intervention Units, K9, etc). We noticed a demand for the knowledge, mindset and professionalism people with this kind of backgrounds have.

Why should companies decide to have the kind of security you provide?

The world is unfortunately not becoming a safer place; the amount of (hostile) incidents in, for example Africa, is steadily increasing. Terrorists, but also criminal organizations are more and more focusing their trade on foreigners (tourists, expats, businessmen, aid workers) because it gives them the much wanted attention and as a result, their trade becomes more profitable.

What we see too often is that people living and working abroad are in total ignorance of the possible dangers surrounding them. It is exactly this unawareness that makes them vulnerable.

We have the experience and connections to assess situations and to provide our clients with tailored solutions that allow them to focus on their daily routines without having to worry about their safety; this can increase the efficiency of their trade enormously.

You will be participating in the Africa Business Communities Networking Event in Amsterdam on March 8. With whom would you be most interested in connecting, in terms of networking?

With people that are interested in discussing views and opinions.

What would you want other participants to contact you for?

As mentioned above, to share views and opinions, and when people have security related questions.

What can you say about the targets, plans and ambitions of Acies International in 2016?

We have upcoming projects in Africa and Asia. The Netherlands and Western Europe, traditionally not our focus, are becoming a market more and more due to the changing political and social climate.




Africa Business Communities Networking Event 

Tuesday 8 March 2016

5:00 - 7:00 PM 
Amstel Hotel | Amsterdam | The Netherlands

After great editions in HamburgLagos and Accra the Africa Business Communities Networking Event is returning to Amsterdam!

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