[Interview] Hajiya Sa’adatu Abdullahi, Founder, Business Women Networking, Nigeria
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Hajiya Sa'adatu Abdullahi is a Nigerian entrepreneur and founder Business Networking Women, an organization operating in the country's capital, Abuja. Africa Business Communities interviews her:

Could you introduce your company please.

Business Women Networking is an independent business development and networking organisation that deals in management and marketing activities, established with willingness to go the extra mile for its customers. We develop, empower and connect women business with modern and global vision. Ours is a reference point for business women and companies that are gender friendly to work in diversity and inclusion. We conduct series of workshops, seminars conferences and exhibitions, which include projects that can improve self-confidence and capabilities of the business woman to be inspired, encouraged and be motivated in developing ideas, skills and talents.

Where is Business Women Networking located?

Our organisation is located at No. 70 Kur Mohammed Avenue, Central Business District in Abuja, the Federal Capital City of Nigeria.

How is the company funded?

It is a limited liability company, founded and owned by four directors, three females and a male.
We started out with the conviction that many products and services imported into Nigeria can actually be developed, created or manufactured in Nigeria, and that indeed women can be mentored to and empowered to create a thriving entrepreneurial culture using local contents that can make them independent leaders of the economy.

What are your company’s Unique Selling Points?

Our services include a range of programs and our strategy  is designed to listen and reflect at the thoughts and desires of our clients. The prospective business owner tends to have a keen insight that will help in developing a business of the future. Our programs provide a platform and an enabling environment that could help individuals and organisations to move forward and realise their business potentials. In a nutshell, we provide our clients with an effective platform to achieve their business goals. They just “think it’, we create it”.

Who are your clients?

We offer services to the public, private, corperate and individual organisations, some on the short term, others choose a long term relationship.  

What are the ambitions of the company?

We are currently servicing only in the Nigerian market, but we are looking to expand soon, especially if we get the right investor or international partners that can collaborate with us and enhance our ability to deliver better services.

What is the latest news from Business Women Networking?

We are working on a series of projects that will be carried out till the end of the year 2017, some are our direct projects and others are in collaboration with our clients. We are also going to start publishing our own company business magazine that will discuss issues about business.

Who should contact Business Women Networking, and why?

Our services are open to both men and women who want to start a business. We are here to attend to people who need help for their existing business, looking for investment opportunity, for office and events management services, business training, marketing of products or services and women for networking opportunities. We don’t just advice, we nurture business relationships, because our clients business is our business. You “think it, we create it”






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