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[Interview] Beryle Uza, Managing Director, Angled North, Kenya

Beryle Uza is the Managing Director of Angled North, a Marketing Consultant firm focused on lead Generation, executive branding and career navigation for African management professionals.

Please introduce Angled North

The best way I can summarize what we do is: we grow your revenue and we grow your influence. We work in the personal development industry helping leaders across Africa get the careers they desire using our personal branding services. You know, unfortunately, the term “career” conjures up the images of tiring job searches. However, your career is the professional here and now, the future, and how the two interlink. We see ourselves as a conduit for shaping the top talent in Africa. This includes working with leading entrepreneurs, consultants and leaders across all fields and industries. Initially, we started off providing services in what is termed as Career Branding Documents such as Executive Bios, Websites, Resumes & LinkedIn profiles. We also recently incorporated other services like image consulting, career coaching and executive speech coaching to better meet the needs of our individual clients as well as outplacement for corporate clients.

Where is your company located and how is it funded?

Angled North is 100% privately funded and we are based in the Safari Capital of The World: Nairobi.

What are your company’s Unique Selling Points?

Our services are exclusively designed to help leaders in or advancing into senior level management. All our work is designed to meet international standards so our clients can compete effectively in the global village.

Are your clients private, government or organizations?

Since inception our services have been wholly focused on private clients across Africa. The leaders we work with are typically high level, ambitious achievers seeking expertise to help them find career opportunities e.g. new partners and strategic alliances, a new role or promotion, new clients, consulting engagements and more. We work with leaders from all industries and fields.

What are the ambitions of Angled North going forward? 

We are so fortunate to be able to project break even within just a year of existence, which considering the fairly nouveau service we offer, shows the need in the market for our expertise. Our next area of focus is on bringing this value to corporate organizations around Africa specifically in the area of soft skill development. Soft skills are more coveted than technical skills in leadership roles and yet companies don’t know how to develop their top talent in this area. We are talking about the areas that a workbook and three days of intensive training can’t solve.

What’s the value of these services for organizations? Vision alignment and better stakeholder engagement - over 44% of a company’s equity sits with their CEO. Staff retention - people quit bosses not jobs and this is more often a soft skill issue. The list goes on.

What are the latest developments from Angled North?

As I mentioned earlier, we recently intoduced other services in Image Consulting, Career Coaching and Executive Speech Coaching for individual clients as well as Outplacement for Corporate Clients. We have also launched a series of events all within the ‘Career Change’ landscape. The first was ‘Personal Branding for Career Change’ held in Nairobi. We will be hosting multiple events, all with very niche focus, to help leaders with their diverse career aspirations.

Who should contact your company, and why?

We work with highly ambitious leaders looking to grow their careers. Other than that, we are also looking to work with businesses and experts across Africa with whom we can synergize and bring even more value to our clients.

What makes your services indispensable in the African business community?

As I mentioned earlier, 44% of a company’s equity sits with the CEO. This means that the difference between getting a key contract, influencing policy, forming and retaining strategic alliances and even becoming an industry expert is hedged largely on you. Now, imagine how much more you could do if you just grew your influence?



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