[INTERVIEW] Integr8 Group CEO - Lance Fanaroff - Goes the Distance for Clients (2)
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This week Africa Business Communities brings you this interview with Lance Fanaroff, joint CEO at the Integr8 Group to talk about the only South African based Nerve Centre, a hub of technology, skill and process, that is used to support and regulate the ICT environment of many of the country's leading organisations in South Africa.

The Integr8 family remains committed to the world around it and has developed a keen nurturing culture over the years. The company supports multiple charitable organisations.

Tell us about your business and what you do?

"Integr8 IT is the largest privately owned BEE ICT management services company on the African Continent.  It has fast become the preferred ICT service provider both domestically and throughout Southern Africa focusing on innovative, integrated and managed ICT services. Integr8 IT are specialists in designing, planning, deploying, and managing ICT infrastructures. The company has proved itself within the industry and is well respected in ICT Outsourcing, Infrastructure Integration, Network Architecture, VPNs and Connectivity, Unified Messaging, Software as a Service, Cloud Computing, Virtualisation, Security, Disaster Recovery Procedures, Customized Service Level Agreements, High-end Technical Support."

What's the most hopeful sign you have seen recently in relation to your business?

"Connectivity is becoming more cost-effective and people are more open to us providing support and services via the Cloud. Another hopeful sign is the fact that the population is becoming more IT literate. Companies are using IT to maintain and increase their competitive advantage, as well as to improve efficiencies."

How does your business fit into developing your country?

"It has allowed us to provide IT infrastructure services and applications to people in all areas, including remote locations. We are continuously training and up skilling our local resources and providing mentorship to young entrepreneurs."

What’s the next key aspect of your business you’re working on right now?

"Improving the customer experience with regards to using our services and ensuring that our business model is completely ITIL-compliant with correct governance in place.  We are also ensuring our infrastructure is very scalable in order to cater for and support exponential growth."

Your strength, what has your company managed to do well in?

"Our company is young, innovative, agile and has managed to change very quickly as the world changes; offering services which are current and add business value. We are also able to offer services and solutions with exceptional turn-around times due to us being independent, ambitious and driven."




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