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I can describe financial aid as being in a position to give helping hands to the less opportune which are just at the receiving end as result of their predicament.
Regrettably selfishness has made most African nations to welcome philanthropy as a well deserved kindness and financial aid.

Unfortunately, quite a number of African leaderships have ignored the prevalence of corruption and incompetence in administrations as those things that fuel the urgent need for philanthropic gestures and they have chosen to remain underdeveloped and pitiable.

Political unrest in some African nations has left their education and health care systems in jeopardy. With a sky-rocketing mortality rate and illiteracy level, the world powers (i.e. G8) are moved out of compassion and dedication to the well being of humanity to come to the rescue of innocent citizens who have become victims of the uninformed and unpopular decision made by their leaders. I don't think this is a good legacy for Africa's posterity.

The question is, for how long will philanthropy make up for bad governance considering the fact that developed nations are now inundated with exigencies.

For how long will a leadership which has failed in its responsibility of seeing to the welfare of its subjects continue to watch them live on acts of benevolence?

In this contemporary world where almost every country is striving to be self-reliant and to upgrade the living conditions of its populace, it's quite unfortunate that some have chosen to remain in the comfort zone of being a liability.

I wonder if the leaders ever sit down to figure ways out of their problems.

Lest I be misunderstood, I am not saying philanthropy should be condemned or renounced; after all it strengthens unity and friendship between nations but philanthropy should be seen as pacifier for governments' failure not as a replacement for governments' responsibility of ensuring the wellbeing of their citizens.


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