[BLOG] Doing business on the Internet
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Simple information websites with product and contact information, as a first step can open new doors for small African businesses locally and internationally.

I do not particularly like prescribing any solution that will depend on governments. But E-commerce requires vendor credibility.

Through the online mall people in the Diaspora may order local goods for friends or family. These associations can also help to guarantee the quality of products advertised on the site, as well as the credibility of its members to ensure fraudulent people do not seize the opportunity.

Apart from technology, the greatest impediment African businesses face in embracing e-business is fraud.
This is where the governments should play important role. Law-makers should strengthen existing laws to stem out corruption in their countries. People who thrive on advance fee fraud should be put out of business. It is possible!

Anything that works through technology can be stopped through technology. It's simply a digital war amongst programmers (it's like the virus and anti-virus battle among programmers). Moreover, the world wants to see trials, prosecutions and convictions to believe that African countries are serious in their war against corruption.

As for now, cross-continental partnerships will play a major role in helping businesses in Africa cross the e-commerce threshold, as African businesses will still need international partnerships to help complete orders.

Doing business on the Internet will help small businesses in Africa increase their market share in the global marketplace. There should be a concerted effort to make this happen.

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