[Corona Stats] Today New York will have more Corona Cases than China - Disaster in the making in Turkey
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For a long time, Italy was the hardest hit country in the world, but in terms of the number of new infections per day in Europe it passed the baton to Spain and worldwide to the United States.

France and Germany also had more new corona infections yesterday than Italy, which registered a lower number of infections for the tenth day in a row than the 6,557 new infections on March 21.


The United States has quickly become the epicenter of the corona crisis. Yesterday, 24,742 new infections were added, which is twice as much in one day as the total number of people registered in the Netherlands so far as infected.

The outbreak has been looked at for a long time in countries with large populations such as India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Brazil and Nigeria, but numbers remain low for the time being. Turkey is the exception. The country is now coming up strong with 2704 new corona infections yesterday. It will increase fears of a disaster for the millions of refugees in Turkey.

The corona crisis in the United States is greatest in New York State. The number of corona infections in New York is greater than in Germany and France. Today, New York will have more registered corona infections than China.

Luxembourg has 3,479 corona infections per million inhabitants, followed by Iceland (3326) and Spain (2052). Luxembourg and Iceland do not appear in other statistics. Not only do they have a relatively small population, they also have low corona mortality rates. For example, only 23 out of 2178 registered corona patients have died in Luxembourg so far, 2 out of 1135 in Iceland. The United States has 570 corona infections per million inhabitants. The 13 countries with the highest number of corona infections per million inhabitants are all European.

The highest number of corona deaths to date fell in Italy - 12,428, followed by Spain (8464) and the United States (4054). Given the rapid growth in the number of new corona infections, it is expected that the United States will also lead this list over time.

The number of new corona deaths appears to be stabilizing in Spain and Italy. The number of new corona deaths per day is increasing rapidly in France, the United States and the United Kingdom.

The most compelling figure to express how severely affected countries are by the corona crisis is the number of corona deaths per million inhabitants. The Netherlands and Belgium are currently in shared third place with 61 corona deaths per million inhabitants. The worst hit is Italy with 206 corona deaths per million inhabitants, followed by Spain (181). The six most affected countries are all European. Despite the large number of new infections in the United States, the number of corona deaths per million inhabitants with 12 there is still relatively low.

Currently, 11.7 percent of all registered corona cases die in Italy. Nine days ago, this figure was 9.3 percent for Italy. Other countries are also showing an increase in mortality rates. In Spain, the mortality rate rose from 6.1 to 8.8 percent in nine days. The Netherlands is now in third place, the corona mortality rate went from 4.3 percent nine days ago to 8.2 percent yesterday. The death rate in Germany is only 1.1 percent. In short: more than seven times as many people who are infected with the coronavirus die in the Netherlands as in Germany.

That is, from people who are registered as corona infected. The intensity with which tests are taken has a major influence on these figures. If a lot is tested, a lot of infections are also registered, something that automatically leads to lower mortality rates. Relatively little is tested in the Netherlands, and relatively much in Germany.

Depending on how much is being tested, it is estimated that the actual number of corona infections may be up to ten times higher than recorded.