[Column] Chioma Nnani: Make me your everything
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You know how they say "customer is king"? Well, some like to take it way too far - especially when they've not even become customers, yet.

Then, there are those who, because of this, will never become customers.

A while ago, I was approached about the possibility of working on a project. I receive lots of enquiries from people with different kinds of temperaments - and that's only to be expected. However, the attitude of this person's gatekeeper stank so bad, that I knew that taking on the project would be a monumental, sanity-testing mistake. If they came at me, with obvious expertise in the area where they were lacking, in the way that they did ... I dread to imagine how they'd treat those whose salaries they pay.

There are some people who must think that their custom is all you live for; there's no other way to explain some of their ridiculous, not to mention illegal demands.

There are some projects that I do (or my company does), that require me to sign an NDA. The terms are usually along the lines of "You can't publicise your involvement in this, till such a time". By the way, I've never signed an NDA that I'm uncomfortable with - and in many cases, a client is trying to protect their work product (or even the idea) from falling into the hands of their competitors. This is perfectly understandable. So, the penalties for flouting an NDA are pretty stiff.

That is why when I get a request to provide a particular service, along with a client's sample of work (as proof that I'm able to carry out that service), I just want to laugh. Even when you clearly explain that there's an NDA in place, some act like what that means. And all I can think is, "If I can break confidentiality for you, what makes you think I won't break against you - if someone else asks, the way you're asking me to? You're not that special!"

The absolute nerve ...

If I were of any religious persuasion, these encounters would be sufficient to make me pray to be kept away from clients from hell.


Chioma Nnani is an award-winning author, who also contributes to business, lifestyle and literary publications. One of Africa's most fearless storytellers, she is a two-time UK BEFFTA (Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television and Arts) Award nominee and a DIVAS OF COLOUR 2016 finalist, who lives in Abuja, runs THE FEARLESS STORYTELLER HOUSE EMPORIUM LTD, can be reached on @ChiomaNnani and blogs at www.fearlessstoryteller.com