[BLOG] Alas - Aviation Business in Nigeria is Interrupted at Last!
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The ever-vigilant Federal Government of Nigeria has suddenly seen fit to ground the license of Dana Airlines, after the fatal crash that took place on Sunday the 3rd of June, and to launch an investigation into the cause. Wow. Suspended license? That's huge! I mean, we must necessarily suffer huge losses and cart away truckloads of corpses before business is interrupted. Now that there are massive funeral arrangements to be made all over the country, we suddenly have the attention of the Aviation Industry and our so-attentive government, and there are vows of this needless tragedy not repeating itself again. Silver lining? I think not.

Silver lining would have been if these actions had been taken before Sunday and after Bellview, Sosoliso and ADC crashes. A lining ceases to be silver when the time for proactive initiative is passed.There's been ample time to prevent this outrage. It just was not given the right kind of attention. Take football for instance. When our national football team is disgraced at football tournaments, immediate and sustained actions are taken to avoid a recurrence. But that's football! It's the game of the nation! I mean, plane crashes are only loss of life. Right? Wrong.

In the West, they say flying is the safest way to travel - no pedestrians, no stray bicyclers, no inexperienced/learner drivers, no sidewalks. Only a great big machine with a skilled pilot in control. Oh, and of course the comfort of the latest technology right on board the aircraft. What could possibly go wrong?

They clearly have not experienced the Nigerian airspace.

With oil, gas and vast resources at our disposal, this simply should not be.

I am waiting patiently to see how far the national outrage goes - if this will be the last straw before serious attention is dedicated to resolving our airspace catastrophes or if in a couple of months or so it will be ... business as usual.


Andrea Ayemoba

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