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A successful development of Air Transport in Africa will enable countries in the sub region to fast track their socio-economic development through international and trade relations.

This will reduce the negative effect of famine, war and epidemics by the rapid conveyance of foodstuffs and medicines for instance.

Indeed, aviation should be a catalyst of socio-economic development and integration in Africa. The collapse of the traditional flag air carriers such as Air Afrique, Ghana Airways and Nigeria Airways has had negative consequences in Africa such as the lack of reliable and affordable air links, high tariffs, poor quality of services and no customer rights protection.

The issue of proliferation of small size (capital), small and medium sized aircraft with obsolete technology, heavily indebted with low productivity, poor management and high operating costs, weakness in international competition must be addressed.

Air services continue to be inadequate and flight connections both within and outside the region limited, making the region marginalized in worldwide air transport industry. This situation is one of the major bottlenecks to the attainment of socio economic development and integration.

I believe it is time to change track by adopting a new approach and a new vision to improve viability and competitiveness as well as safety and quality of airlines in response to the needs of the African population.
A major feature of the solution lies in our ability to come together to transform the air transport industry in Africa to become a dynamic driving force that will play a key role in the economic development and
integration of the sub-region.

We need to define a bold vision of cooperation and integration of African Airlines in order to make them survive and prosper in the coming years.

Let me put it more graphically by saying that the fate of the African Air Transport industry is in our hands.
I have confidence that we will be able to make a right choice for the bright future of Air transport Industry in Africa.

By Isaac Twumasi-Quantus

Managing Business Director

Africa Business Communities



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