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Africa must begin to promote itself to the international market in the world. It is long overdue for the continent to do as it told by the West when it comes creating opportunities for its people.

Anyone who wishes to start doing business in Africa must believe that it will succeed and that lack of competition and Africa's demand for western products, almost always makes earnest efforts highly profitable.

Am not trying to create the impression establishing a business relationship in Africa is easy. There are certainly some dos and don'ts of doing business in Africa.

There are hurdles to overcoming culture, tradition, and life-style and business-style that could otherwise sabotage an African business transaction when it comes to contacts and cultural knowledge.

Africa is indeed a unique marketplace. What we need to do is to bridge the gap between real and perceived realities of doing business in Africa.

The world is changing and I hope small businesses re-think and redefine the African market place. Selling the idea of Africa as a viable, valuable customer to manufacturers, chambers and all other international organizations has been a difficult mission.

I applaud anyone who is making the effort or has made the effort to do business in Africa and encourage you to promote your products and services in Africa.

All investors big or small businesses should be creative enough to venture into the African marketplace.


Isaac Twumasi-Quantus

Managing Business Director

Africa Business Communities



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