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It now pleasant to know that Africa is counted among the wealthiest continents and it will take a few to describe Africa so. Even though many families in Africa get their food from their own unirrigated one plot of land and walk distances to retrieve water. That does not mean every African lives that way.

The story about Africa’s wealth is not based on individual achievements. Companies of international repute have made Africa what it is today.

The list of the top wealthiest countries in Africa, as demonstrated by gross national product GDP), contains some real surprises. Equatorial Guinea, Botswana, and Gabon top the list.

In fact Equatorial Guinea has the 9th highest GDP in the world. This country struck it rich when in 1996 when large oil reserves were discovered.

Equatorial Guinea has a population of only half a million, yet most live in poverty. Corruption is widespread and the gap between rich and poor is probably the widest in the world.

It is not only entrepreneurs and politicians who are wealthy, Kenyan and Ethiopian runners make fortunes beating the rest of the world on the track and on the road.

But, Africa's highest paid athletes are her footballers. Inter Milan's Cameroonian, striker Samuel Eto'o Fils tops the list with fifteen million USA dollars in salary and endorsements earned last year. Fils' networth is estimated at more the $40 million.


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