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"In any educational system, according to a UNESCO article on introducing the concept of ICT Education in secondary schools,the level of available resources places a restriction on the degree to which any new subject can be introduced into the school curriculum, especially where only the most basic facilities have so far been provided.

As early as 1952 when the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) was established, vocational studies such as typing, metalwork, woodwork, shorthand, building construction, auto mechanics and a host of others were introduced into the senior secondary education and senior school certificate examinations curriculum.

This was a conscious step to equip the average school leaver with such skills as to become relevant to the immediate society on graduation from school and on acquisition of the O-level certificate. The impact of this development as evident in the civil services today cannot be easily forgotten as it is almost singularly responsible for the many secretaries and staff of public services, most still in service up until present day.

Recently, since the inception of the new century, digital computers have gradually crept into the activities of the modern world, phasing out the typewriters and also taking over almost all spheres of life. They have over the years increased in importance from simply the small office tasks such as typing, printing, scanning and storing of data to the modern day industrial applications, information and communication technology, automotive engineering, design and manufacturing technology, and artificial intelligence, just to mention a few.

In fact it can be safely stated that the computer is now the most vital tool in modern day economy, hence the questions; why is computer studies teaching so low in our secondary schools when it is so openly acknowledged that its many applications has far surpassed the comprehension of students at that level of education?

The world has realized its high dependence on ICT. Most developed countries of both the western world and Middle East have long been incorporating ICT studies into school curriculum at various levels, preparing the emerging workforce for the highly digital world they are immediately introduced into on graduation from high school.

Also, most developing countries of Asia, South America and Africa have recently been following a similar trend to ensure a faster pace of technological advancement so as to measure up with the developed nations of the world within a short frame of time. Certainly, this is very possible as the internet today provides an enormous pool of information that may be accessible to anyone, anywhere around the world, provided the individual is able and enlightened enough to explore the internet.

It is therefore imperative that ICT studies be quickly incorporated into senior school certificate examinations as one of the compulsory subjects to be enrolled, as this would prompt more effort for a quick implementation into school's curriculum as well.

Isaac Twumasi-Quantus is Webmaster, Editor Africa Business Communities in Ghana.

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