[Column] Hani Raad Dedication, innovation, and education - The recipe for Africa’s digital prosperity

07-27-2023 | 15:33:00
By focusing on key areas such as innovation and education, and propelled by a population that’s young and enthusiastic, Africa could be a leading light for the rest of the world.

SFD funds a $20M project to deliver electricity in Rwanda

07-27-2023 | 13:57:00
The Saudi Fund for Development (SFD) signed an agreement for a concessional development loan of $20 million to finance the electricity delivery project in the Kamonyi District.

Un appui sur l’accès au financement pour les petites entreprises et les femmes entrepreneures

07-26-2023 | 14:06:00
IFC et le Groupe Baobab renforcent leur partenariat pour accroitre l’accès au financement pour les petites entreprises et les femmes entrepreneures au Burkina Faso, en Côte d’Ivoire, à Madagascar, au Mali,en RDC et au Sénégal

[Column] NJ Ayuk: Nigeria must fully implement the petroleum industry Act

07-26-2023 | 13:59:10
Nearly two years from its passage into law, implementation of the PIA and its initiatives has been slow for numerous reasons, but not without progress, and signals from Nigeria’s new administration indicate that these conditions will not remain the status quo.

Nigeria trails South Africa and Kenya in Africa’s B2B payment revolution, Duplo report

07-26-2023 | 13:55:38
A new report from Duplo, a business payment platform for African businesses of all sizes, has revealed that Nigeria trails South Africa and Kenya in the development of key B2B payment processes across Africa, including adoption of electronic bank transfers, speed of processing invoices and payment automation

Moody’s Maintains Afreximbank’s Credit Rating at Baa1

07-26-2023 | 12:30:00
The African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank), Africa’s foremost multilateral trade finance institution, announces that the global credit ratings agency Moody’s has maintained its rating at Baa1 in its annual credit analysis, with the outlook categorized as stable.

Signature d’un accord-cadre de coopération entre la BOAD et Côte d’Ivoire Innovation 20

07-26-2023 | 12:23:00
La Banque et l’association Ci20 s’engagent à coopérer dans le cadre de toutes actions ou projets dans le domaine de la transformation numérique dans les Etats, où l’une ou l’autre Partie interviennent.

Africa Finance Corporation and MCDF partner to drive infrastructure development in Africa

07-26-2023 | 10:14:00
With AFC receiving accreditation approval from the MCDF's Governing Committee in April, the Corporation has now solidified its position as an implementing partner of the MCDF Finance Facility.

Vantage Capital to invest $25 million in Aquasantec International

07-24-2023 | 15:36:00
Vantage Capital, Africa’s largest mezzanine debt fund manager, announced that it has made an investment into Aquasantec International, a manufacturer and distributor of water tanks, pipes and related products, addressing water, sanitation and hygiene needs across the East African region.

Le Luxembourg étend son soutien au Fonds pour l’inclusion financière de la Banque européenne d’investissement

07-24-2023 | 15:04:04
Le Fonds pour l’inclusion financière (FIF) propose des opérations d’assistance technique ciblant des institutions de microfinance en Afrique ainsi que dans les Caraïbes et le Pacifique

AfDB enters new $1 billion exposure exchange with the Asian Development Bank to increase development lending capacity

07-24-2023 | 13:22:00
Exposure exchanges between multilateral development banks involve a synthetic exchange of sovereign exposures in a risk-neutral manner to help address single obligor constraints and portfolio concentration.

[Column] Nchaupe Khaole: Unlocking South Africa's technology investment potential

07-20-2023 | 16:04:46
Technology enabled businesses and the solutions they develop represent exciting growth opportunities for investors. In South Africa technology companies and startups alone raised $168.6 million in funding in 2021.

[Column] Michael Rudolph: Has your managed services provider upped its game to keep up with the times?

07-20-2023 | 09:03:00
Over the past few years, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have had to significantly up their game not just to keep pace with a rapidly evolving world but also to offer their customers the peace of mind.

Cameroon’s CNPS and SBM in Mauritius invest in Africa Finance Corporation‘s impact infrastructure mission

07-19-2023 | 16:53:00
Africa Finance Corporation has received new equity investments from Caisse Nationale de Prévoyance Sociale (CNPS), Cameroon’s public pension fund, and SBM Capital Market Securities Ltd.

Afreximbank, Digiloop sign MoU to boost sovereign client’s revenue origination capacity in Africa

07-19-2023 | 16:10:00
Afreximbank and Digiloop, a Mauritius-based leading provider of technology-driven project finance solutions, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to collaborate in revenue origination, enhancement, and monitoring services across Africa.

Access Bank to acquire Standard Chartered’s subsidiaries in Sub Saharan Africa

07-19-2023 | 14:02:44
The agreement with Access for the sale of the bank’s business in Sub-Saharan Africa is in line with Standard Chartered’s global strategy, aimed at achieving operational efficiencies, reducing complexity, and driving scale.

Multi-asset broker Exness expands its Fintech Scholarships programme to Kenya

07-19-2023 | 13:51:35
The program in Kenya is open to third and fourth year USIU undergraduates in Data Science, Analytics, and Software Engineering or students who have accepted an offer for the MSc in Information Technology course starting in September 2023.

Ecobank et PAPSS s'associent pour améliorer les paiements transfrontaliers en Afrique

07-19-2023 | 11:58:00
Le Groupe Ecobank et de règlement (PAPSS) ont signé un protocole d'accord visant à faciliter le règlement des transactions transfrontalières du Groupe, y compris les transactions de toutes leurs filiales, par l'intermédiaire du PAPSS.

Co-operative Bank of Kenya receives $100 million for on-lending to MSMEs

07-18-2023 | 10:32:19
The Co-operative Bank of Kenya has received a longterm 7-year funding facility amounting to $100 million from a consortium of financial institutions led by DEG for on-lending mainly to Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) in Kenya.

ITFC signs seven agreements worth $ 1.2 billion With Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Nigeria, and partner banks

07-18-2023 | 10:29:49
The agreements emphasize ITFC's commitment to fostering deeper cooperation and enhancing the coordination of efforts with its partners.