[Column] Florence Nisabwe: Revitalizing Africa’s rural areas through social entrepreneurship

01-30-2020 | 06:59:15
African cities are growing rapidly, but an estimated two-thirds of African people still live in rural areas.

[Column] Christoph Fitih: Telecom 2020 - Africa

01-30-2020 | 05:24:00
Christoph Fitih, Director Sales: Africa at Parallel Wireless, predicts that open minds and fair trade will play a leading role in revolutionising the African telecoms market into the next decade.

[Column] Miana Naude: SA needs a clear, rational approach to tech investing amid current challenges

01-29-2020 | 12:19:41
A chronic ICT skills shortage, poor macro-economic conditions, and tightening corporate budgets are all contributing to a tough operating environment for South African startups and top blue-chip enterprises alike.

[Column] Gomedi Makhongoana: How cloud can help educational institutions

01-29-2020 | 07:53:00
With the highest youth unemployment rate in the world, paired with worrying skills shortages, the pressure is on universities and other tertiary education institutions in South Africa to admit more students.

[Column] Sean McCormick: Leapfrog, collaborate, innovate

01-29-2020 | 04:47:55
The African continent is vast. Its rugged landscapes and limited infrastructure impact on its ability to drive economic growth and capitalise on the digital revolution.

[Column] Barry Cook: Is your personal data safe?

01-29-2020 | 04:29:00
We share a lot more information in the digital world than we used to. Businesses, organisations, close family, friends and acquaintances- all have access to some of our important personal data.

[Column] Andy Papastefanou: Standardising eSignatures to drive adoption

01-23-2020 | 12:50:18
The eSignature market is highly regulated with a plethora of choices when it comes to vendor solutions.

[Interview] Clément Uwajeneza, Country Director, Andela, Rwanda

01-23-2020 | 08:47:00
Clément Uwajeneza is leading the Rwandan arm of Andela's international organization of software engineers in Africa. Africa Business Communities has a brief chat with him.

[Column] David Bunei: Stay ahead of those data security woes

01-23-2020 | 06:20:00
The very factors that have helped to make Kenya such a motivated and major African player in the Digital Age have also made local organisations in the public and private sector vulnerable to security threats and compliance issues

[Column] Jakkie Olivier: The impact of AI on jobs in the retail motor sector

01-22-2020 | 05:47:00
The fourth industrial revolution (4IR) is gaining traction in all sectors. Artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and automation are being applied to create ingenious innovations.

[Column] Cathy Smith: What's in store for a digitally connected Africa?

01-17-2020 | 13:08:00
One of the great privileges of working in Africa is how no two days are ever the same: the continent is dynamic, constantly reinventing itself amid a cultural melting pot of ideas and people.

[Column] Dominique Collett: South African fintech in 2020 - what can we expect?

01-16-2020 | 08:38:00
Fintech is rapidly transforming the very essence of global financial services. Here at AlphaCode, we spend a lot of time researching how technology and a transforming consumer base is changing the financial services landscape.

[Column] Grant Phillips: Becoming digitally empowered

01-16-2020 | 05:18:00
Digital transformation swept across businesses and industries in 2019, gaining momentum for a surge yet to be fully realised.

[Column] Nick Durrant: New app trends that will help businesses succeed in 2020

01-15-2020 | 05:49:00
Mobile apps are reshaping all industries and business leaders need to quickly adopt the latest mobile app trends in order to succeed in 2020.

[Column] Avinash Ramtohul: Artificial Intelligence gaining grounds in Africa?

01-15-2020 | 05:19:00
Artificial Intelligence (AI) brings a whole new dimension to the drive for customer intimacy. The convenience customers experience weighs heavier than any reduction in privacy.

[Column] Peter Salovey: Looking to Africa’s future: The promise of transnational ties

01-14-2020 | 10:43:34
Nearly seven years ago, when I became president of Yale University, five of the top twelve-and eleven of the top twenty-of the world’s fastest growing economies were in Africa.

[Startup Interview] George Kissinger Adem, CEO, House of Kissinger, Kenya

01-09-2020 | 12:20:00
George Kissinger Adem is the Founder and CEO of House of Kissinger, a Kenyan online lifestyle management platform that connects Tourists/VIPs/Expatriates to their favourite luxury and essential goods & services.

Africa Business Communities Networking Event | Nairobi | 13 February 2020

01-08-2020 | 11:09:00
Africa Business Communities is open for networking! Every last Thursday of the month you are welcome to meet our team and network

[Column] Victor Argonov: Gold vs. Bitcoin - Which is better to protect investors from financial crises?

01-08-2020 | 09:05:00
There is still a great debate about which is the best asset to protect investors in difficult times: cryptocurrencies or gold.

[Column] Taru Madangombe: New technologies to power smart cities

01-07-2020 | 15:15:52
'Smart cities' is a buzz term which has gained popularity globally over the past decade.