Maria Auma: Giving Back, what organizations call Corporate Social Responsibility

11-16-2015 | 11:19:00
I have learned a lot and I don’t think I will be able to compress it all into this single post. I really just wanted to write about something that is close to my heart, “Giving Back” what corporate organizations will call “Corporate Social Responsibility.”

Chioma Nnani: The Industrial Training Phase in Nigeria

11-09-2015 | 10:49:00
There is already a dearth of employment for real graduates. Some of them would do anything, even for a stipend. But we have some people who should be fawning, marinating in their illusion that they are indispensable.

[Interview] Setonji Koshoedo, Principal Partner, Development Resources Designs, Nigeria

11-03-2015 | 10:41:00
Setonji Koshoedo,together with his partners, founded in 2013 infrastructure development company, located in Abuja, Nigeria. His career covers Architecture, Construction, Civil Service and Politics. His interview with Africa Business Communities:

Stallone-Obaraemi Samuel: What lies Ahead for the Nigerian Graduate? (Pt 2)

11-02-2015 | 09:50:00
Lecture delivered on September 3, 2015 at the Julius Berger hall, University Of Lagos on the occasion of the final year seminar of the department of Industrial relations and personnel management, in the faculty of Business Administration.

[Interview] Eunice Osei, Founder, Bluchip Logistics, Ghana

11-02-2015 | 09:05:00
Eunice Osei is a Ghanaian entrepreneur. She founded Bluchip Logistics in 2012, a freight forwarding company in Accra, Ghana. Africa Business Communities interviews her:

Harriman Oyofo: The Game of Personal and Group Responsibility

10-29-2015 | 12:32:00
Responsibility is not just a word. It isn’t supposed to be but in workplaces around the globe, quite a number of people don’t seem to want to know any different.

[Interview] Africa Business Communities speaks with Tabassum Qadir,President, Skywise, South Africa

10-29-2015 | 10:01:18
Tabassum Qadir, President of Skywise believes her new position has come at a time of amplified debate about a female President for South Africa. Her interview with Africa Business Communities

[Nigeria Business Forum] How will the Single Treasury System (TSA) affect the banking system in Nigeria?

10-27-2015 | 12:13:00
On a regular basis we consult African professionals about their views on business. Today's question is: How will the Single Treasury System (TSA) affect the banking system in Nigeria?

[Interview] Sandra Pascual Van de Voorde, Founder, Worldwide Export, Spain

10-26-2015 | 09:32:00
Sandra Pascual Van de Voorde is Spanish/Belgian founder and CEO of Worldwide Export, Barcelona, Spain. She’s got more than 15 years’ experience in international trade and export.

Chioma Nnani: Business is not a Shakira Song

10-26-2015 | 09:29:00
So, at the end of September 2015, I launched my blogazine. Prior to that I'd made a conscious decision to stop blogging for a while, because the platform I'd been using was a free one – in other words, it wasn't mine. Meaning I had no control over a lot of things.

[Interview] Emmanuel Pere Frey, Managing Partner, Eventrade, Nigeria

10-20-2015 | 09:43:00
Emmanuel Pere Frey is current Managing Partner of design company, Eventrade Limited. His interview with Africa Business Communities:

Odimbite Odimbite: R, P, E – three letters for Corporate Smooth Sailing

10-19-2015 | 08:55:00
RPE simply represents Revenue, Processing and Expenditure. Major functions of a business like sales, marketing and manufacturing can be measured and monitored using the RPE model.

[Interview] Sheriff Aligbeh, Founder, Clever Culture Communication, Amsterdam

10-15-2015 | 09:10:00
Sheriff Aligbeh is a Nigerian/Dutch, who has dedicated himself to bridging the cultural gaps that stand in the way of doing business across Sub-Saharan Africa and the West. His interview with Africa Business Communities:

Harriman Oyofo: If you haven’t got communication, you’ve got nothing

10-15-2015 | 08:55:00
Communication is the vehicle of the safety trade or any trade for that matter. Clear cut communication is to safety management what a navigation compass is to a sailor, for without it plans for safe operations can go several degrees off course.

Chioma Nnani: Staff Come in Different Shades

10-13-2015 | 09:38:00
So, in one of my previous articles, I talked about how I found it really bewildering that a number of Nigerian business-owners tend to treat their staff horribly. And I got a fair bit of feedback – especially on Facebook.

Mark Mobius: South Africa’s Sporting Legacy and Economic Scorecard

10-12-2015 | 16:27:00
Sport is a national obsession in South Africa, and many observers have noted that the international sporting boycott of South Africa in the 1970s and 1980s played a pivotal role in bringing apartheid to an end.

Africa Faces the Challenge of Sustaining Growth amid Weak Global Conditions

10-12-2015 | 12:56:40
Sub-Saharan Africa countries are continuing to grow, albeit at a slower pace, due to a more challenging economic environment. Growth will slow in 2015 to 3.7 percent from 4.6 percent in 2014, reaching the lowest growth rate since 2009, according to new World Bank projections.

[Interview] Africa Business Communities speaks with Young Global Leader, Vikas Pota, Founder of Varkey Foundation

10-12-2015 | 10:09:00
Vickas Pota is the Chief Executive of Varkey Foundation,a Young Global Leader who is passionate about Education. The Varkey Foundation believes in the power of education to make positive and developmental change, globally. In his visit to Ghana, Africa Business Communities, caught up with Vickas for a chat.

Rudolf Huber: LNG in Africa - LNG is not a rich man’s fuel

10-12-2015 | 09:45:00
Africans are slowly (very slowly) waking up to the fact that it might be better and more profitable to keep their home-produced LNG close to themselves and develop their own continental economies instead of exporting every last drop. Let’s see the issue with the eyes of those affected.

Stallone-Obaraemi Samuel: What lies ahead for the Nigerian Graduate? (Pt 1)

10-12-2015 | 09:25:00
Between the ages 4-6, Olumide has already been enrolled in a primary school. Ages 10 and 12 will see him probably out of primary and in a secondary school. Between 16 and 18, he is out of secondary school and most likely in the university. By the time ...