[Column] Fuad Siddiqui: Charting a new course for Africa’s economic prosperity

01-31-2019 | 08:33:00
Imagine a world where the laws of business survival are being redefined and new competitive market models re-assembled with the advent of 4th industrial revolution.

[Column] Anton Jacobsz: Moving to cloud? Take note of common security needs

01-30-2019 | 13:33:13
The claim that cloud computing is radically transforming the way organisations (both big and small) do business, for better, agile and faster results, has become fact.

[Africa Tech Week] Young innovators driving Africa’s growth

01-27-2019 | 05:53:02
Today, more than ever, African countries are seeking out new opportunities for growth and move beyond business as usual. Young people are playing a key role in this and are coming up with innovative ideas and solutions to drive this growth.

[Interview] Pete Frielinghaus, Managing Director, Continuity East Africa, Kenya

01-25-2019 | 11:54:30
Pete Frielinghaus is the Managing Director of ContinuityEastAfrica, a company whose key focus is in disaster recovery, business continuity and resilience.

[Kenya Business Week] No to robots in banks

01-25-2019 | 11:38:02
Even as Kenya continues to record impressive penetration of technology, a section of citizens still prefer the brick and mortar services and are still apprehensive about embracing new innovations among them machine intelligence.

[Column] Ralph Speirs: Investment education is a tool to financial literacy

01-25-2019 | 08:29:03
Money is one of life's most vital tools, it gives us the power to sustain, maintain, survive and the ability to leave a legacy for our loved ones.

[Interview] Archzilon Eshun-Davies, CISO/CEO, TAISE, Ghana

01-25-2019 | 05:34:00
Archzilon Eshun-Davies is the CISCO/CEO of TAISE, a managed cybersecurity services company located in Ghana

[Column] Richard Quest: Without the circus, Davos can get down to business

01-24-2019 | 12:00:00
In a more innocent age, Davos was a high-minded gathering for intellectuals trying to solve the world’s problems.

[Column] Anton Jacobsz: Cloud computing evolves, becomes enterprise cloud-as-a-service

01-24-2019 | 09:07:31
Over the past two decades or so, the concept of cloud computing has evolved dramatically, as new data centre and networking technologies came to the fore, and new types of ‘cloud’ emerged.

[Column] Ian Fogg: Understanding mobile experience in the growth continent of Africa

01-24-2019 | 08:49:43
Across Africa, the download speeds experienced by smartphone users vary greatly, even for countries with similar 4G availability.

[Column] Jane Thomson: Breed efficiency; move industry into the cloud

01-23-2019 | 07:36:00
In the cutthroat manufacturing industry, complex supply chains must be carefully managed to ensure supply meets demand, and quality meets expectations.

[Column] Dominique Collett: South African fintech in 2019 – what can we expect?

01-21-2019 | 10:51:00
Here are my fintech predictions for 2019 based on what we are seeing with our members at AlphaCode which closely track international trends in this space.

Ten developments that will shape Africa’s energy sector in 2019

01-21-2019 | 10:27:00
After a year of rebound and recovery, Africa’s old and new hydrocarbons markets have an opportunity to further entrench the continent’s position as the world’s hottest oil and gas frontier in 2019.

[Africa Tech Week] Cloud Computing is taking off dramatically across African markets

01-20-2019 | 08:36:00
Cloud computing enables companies to consume IT resources – Hardware, Software and Storage – as a utility — just like electricity — rather than having to build and maintain computing infrastructures in-house.

[SA Business Week] Propelling economic growth with aviation, telecommunication sectors

01-18-2019 | 15:26:00
The South Africa aviation and telecommunication sectors continue to drive the country’s economic growth while assisting the country reap from existing and emerging markets locally and internationally.

[Kenya Business Week] Competition, customer service drive expansion binge

01-18-2019 | 08:33:03
As customers demand top notch services grows and competition reach fever pitch, companies are investing millions to improve infrastructure and service quality.

[Interview] Daniel Murithi, Director, Starling Technologies Limited, Kenya

01-17-2019 | 14:00:00
Dan Murithi is the Director, of Starling Technologies Limited, a web development and software solution company located in Nairobi, Kenya.

[Column] Karl Reed: The customer’s journey to the cloud

01-16-2019 | 07:20:30
Migrating to the cloud is no longer the complex process it once was. Thanks to the evolution of technology, moving from an on-premises environment can be done much more efficiently than before.

[Column] Hark-sang Kim: What will the next phase of smartphone innovation bring?

01-16-2019 | 05:55:01
In light of modest global sales recently, some observers say that smartphone innovation has hit a bottleneck, as new devices bear more iterative upgrades instead of groundbreaking features.

[Africa Tech Week] African tech startups continue to raise more funding

01-13-2019 | 11:18:07
2018 was a good year for the African startup and tech community. A number of startups raised funding to scale and expand their operations across the continent.