East African Pharma Companies missing out on fast growing $5bn opportunity

11-07-2016 | 09:55:00
The $5 billion East African pharmaceutical market is expected to grow by more than 12% per year for the next five years, as lifestyle changes in the region lead to higher rates of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes.

"Nigeria is one of the Most Globally Connected Countries" - Western Union

11-03-2016 | 10:27:00
Nigeria is one of the most connected countries in the world when it comes to receiving and sending money, according to The Western Union Company, a global leader in global payment services.

[Column] Anton van Heerden: Small & Medium Businesses should be saving Money for a Bad Day – Here’s how

11-01-2016 | 11:51:00
Every Small & Medium Business should be aiming to have some savings in the bank as a buffer for difficult months when sales are slow or debtors miss payments.

Technology, innovation needed to drive agricultural revolution in Africa

11-01-2016 | 11:31:00
The African Development Bank’s agenda for transforming Africa’s agriculture was lauded at the 5th KOAFEC Ministerial Conference held in Seoul, South Korea’s capital.

New Report Shows How Africa’s Electricity Providers Can Be Profitable and Still Make Electricity Affordable

10-31-2016 | 10:32:00
A new World Bank study outlines how Sub-Saharan Africa’s struggling power utilities can be financially viable and at the same time make electricity access affordable for the poor.

[Column] Maria Auma: Women in Business - Success does not demand giving up everything

10-31-2016 | 10:22:22
I am writing about this subject because not enough is said about the personal challenges we face as women in business. Ever since I got into business I have always had a “tug-of-war” relationship with the people in my personal life.

[Column] Bob Koigi: Rethink Africa fertilizer distribution models to address cost and accessibility constraints

10-28-2016 | 13:52:58
The recent declaration by fertilizer producer YARA fertilizer in Tanzania that it would reduce the cost of fertilizer by up to 40 per cent following the construction of a fertilizer rail transport system is indeed music to millions of farmers in that country.

[Column] Logan Fransman: We know it's coming, but are we prepared? The logistical challenge of Christmas in Namibia

10-27-2016 | 10:53:00
Can you smell it, can you feel it, can you taste it…it’s almost here? Christmas! Some might say, well, it’s not even December yet and there are other holidays to consider before then. This is true and all holidays matter, but not when you look at it from a logistical point of view.

[Column] Chioma Nnani: Make or Break for Nigerian Businesses

10-27-2016 | 09:09:00
There are different sorts and levels of customer service that a person can get in Nigeria. Some will leave you biting your fingers and swearing by everything that is important to you, never to patronise them again. And the rest will blow your mind.

[Interview] Dakin Parker introduces Kinfundi, a new way to provide for education costs in South Africa

10-25-2016 | 07:50:00
Dakin Parker returns to South Africa, after ten years in the United States, to change the way education is financed in South Africa. His interview with Africa Business Communities:

[Column] Renata Fischer: Cost of neglecting digital security- Long-term consequences for banks

10-24-2016 | 11:09:04
Financial institutions often underestimate the consequences of a breach. By doing so, they risk misjudging the value of high-quality online and mobile security, says Renata Fischer, SVP Sales of Entersekt.

Achieving a nutrition revolution for Africa: The road to healthier diets and optimal nutrition

10-24-2016 | 10:57:00
The Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) is having a positive impact in countries that have implemented its recommendations, according to the Annual Trends and Outlook Report (ATOR) released today.

[Column] Duncan Mutembani, CEO, SparkSync: Leadership in the right direction

10-24-2016 | 10:19:00
Good leadership determines the success of a business, and employees who are rapidly promoted to leadership positions because of a company’s fast growth often need to develop leadership skills very quickly, in order to catch up with their peers.

New GSMA Report Sees Rise in Mobile Broadband and Smartphone Adoption across Middle East and North Africa

10-17-2016 | 08:18:00
Mobile broadband networks will account for 61 per cent of mobile connections by 2020, up from 41 per cent today, across the diverse Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

[Column] Brett Parker, MD, SAP Africa: How cloud technology can transform IT in Africa

10-13-2016 | 10:59:00
In March 2016, IBM opened its first Cloud Data Centre in South Africa, providing cloud services to enterprise clients. Just a month later, SAP announced that it was partnering with South Africa's Dimension Data to launch SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud.

[Column] Maria Auma: So you think you can import? (Pt 2)

10-03-2016 | 10:20:00
I recently joined the highly capital intensive and somewhat prestigious industry of importation. I must advise anyone even remotely interested in taking that leap of faith to carry out in depth research into the kind of market they are entering and explore every point in their value chain.

[Column] Wayne Troughton, CEO, HTI Consulting: Positive Growth Forecast for East African Hospitality Sectors

09-29-2016 | 13:03:00
“East Africa is expected to deliver the strongest real GDP growth in Sub-Saharan Africa over the next decade, according to BMI Research,” says Wayne Troughton, CEO of specialist global hospitality and tourism consultancy, HTI Consulting.

[Column] Schalk Nolte, CEO Entersekt: Why fintech has created a golden moment of opportunity for savvy banks

09-28-2016 | 12:59:00
Consumers are faced with an ever growing risk of falling victim to identity theft and cybercrime. Can banks step in as a digital custodian?

[Column] Njeri Rionge: Kenya, your time is now

09-28-2016 | 10:02:00
As a proud Kenyan and champion of business opportunities in Africa, the optimistic chat on Twitter from last week’s US Africa Business Forum in New York popped up on my radar.

[Column] Maria Auma: So you think you can import? (Pt 1)

09-27-2016 | 11:49:00
I recently joined the highly capital intensive and somewhat prestigious industry of importation. I must advise anyone even remotely interested in taking that leap of faith to carry out in depth research into the kind of market they are entering and explore every point in their value chain.