[Interview] Georgina Fihosy, Founder, Special Touch Designs, UK

05-17-2016 | 07:54:00
British-Born Nigerian Georgina Fihosy is a UK certified pharmacist, founder and editor of lifestyle blog ThatHealthyFeeling.co.uk, and the creative entrepreneur behind the African inspired greeting cards company, Special Touch Designs. Her interview with Africa Business Communities:

Banking security in Africa reaching a tipping point - Schalk Nolte, CEO, Entersekt

05-16-2016 | 09:17:00
Entersekt CEO, Schalk Nolte, looks at the growing security risks for banks and financial institutions in Africa and explains why complacency is no longer an option.

"Africa is on the right path" - Elumelu, Adesina, Graca Machel

05-16-2016 | 07:09:00
So say the co-chairs at the recently concluded World Economic Forum on Africa which was held in Kigali, Rwanda from May 11th -13th, 2016.

The Netherlands African Business Council NABC launches Communication Center

05-13-2016 | 10:57:00
The Netherlands African Business Council (NABC) has launched its new Communication Center. The Center will provide its 410 members with an affordable way to send press releases to over 7000 journalists across Africa

eLearning Africa: Sharing infrastructure must be top priority

05-13-2016 | 07:57:00
The African Union’s Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy, HE Mrs Elham Mahmood Ahmed Ibrahim, will tell participants at this year’s eLearning Africa conference that sharing infrastructure must be a top priority for African governments.

Adedunmade Onibokun: A call for corporate governance in Nigeria’s public sector

05-12-2016 | 10:45:00
The Nigerian public sector is generally admitted by Nigerians themselves as definitely not functioning at optimum capacity; there are various lapses by government agencies which contribute to poor governance and, in extension, underdevelopment.

Morocco Business Event 2016 | Energy, Innovation, Water & COP 22

05-11-2016 | 05:27:00
On the 17th of May 2016 a high-profile public-private delegation from Morocco will visit the Netherlands and attend the Morocco Business Event 2016.

Terragon Group set to make Augmented Reality mainstream in Africa

05-10-2016 | 10:15:00
The Terragon Group has revealed the launch of its Augmented Reality (AR) solution for Africa. According to the company, this new feat which ties into its vision – Innovation to make mobile meaningful – further strengthens the capabilities of the mobile device as a key advertising channel in Africa.

Africa Business Communities will be coming to Nairobi - let's meet!

05-02-2016 | 22:30:00
Africa Business Communities is coming to both Ethiopia and Kenya. This might be an excellent opportunity to meet! We will set up two open, informal meetings for our network members.

Africa has moved from mobile first to “mobile only market”

05-02-2016 | 10:05:00
With African mobile users unlocking devices over 150 times a day, Nomophobia (the fear of being without mobile devices) is sweeping across Africa, according to leading speakers at Mobile West Africa in Lagos

Global Advanced Phase Change Material (PCM) Market Size, Growth, Trends, Industry Analysis 2016

04-29-2016 | 12:09:00
The Advanced Phase Change Material (PCM) Market research report examines top industry competitors, offering organization market share analysis and detailed outlines of these firms, with product benchmarking.

Join The Commonwealth Trade Platform for free

04-28-2016 | 11:04:00
Africa has been described as the world’s greatest opportunity. Join the Commonwealth Trade Platform and meet with thousands customers, suppliers and distributors from Africa and across the globe.

[Tony Elumelu] Growing Food and Growing Entrepreneurs: The fuel for Africa’s Future

04-28-2016 | 09:44:00
Agriculture is arguably the most strategic sector on the continent because: It delivers 2-3 times the return on investment, in terms of improved economic well-being, as other sectors, represents 32% of Africa’s GDP; and employs 65% of the working population.

Massive scope for mobile growth in Kenyan retail market – Nielsen Study

04-28-2016 | 09:17:00
A new Nielsen Study on Kenyan Retailers and Technology reveals that despite the massive uptake in mobile usage in Kenya, there is still significant scope for growth in the market, particularly in the retail environment.

Future City of Africa Conference | 9-11 June Nairobi

04-27-2016 | 18:19:00
UNHabitat .predicts that 700 million people will be added to the cities of Africa in the next 35 years. That means an entire New York city needs to be built – every six months!

[Vacancy] Freelance Business Journalists and Webmasters Africa Business Communities in both Ethiopia and Kenya

04-26-2016 | 16:12:00
Africa Business Communities is looking for several African Business Journalists and Webmasters to expand the Editorial Team.

Stallone-Obaraemi Samuel: Dealing with Job Loss

04-25-2016 | 08:28:00
President Muhammadu Buhari carefully advised Nigerians to brace for the worst, economically speaking. One of the glaring pointers to economic hardship is unemployment.

Chioma Nnani: The Simple things about Customer Services

04-21-2016 | 10:02:59
About a couple of weeks ago something went wrong at my online store. The result was that someone – a customer – was supposed to have been directed to a specific page to access the product they were interested in

Harriman Oyofo: Plugging the Safety Leaks when at work

04-21-2016 | 09:52:00
Ok, let’s get real. Everybody has their pet challenge with safety, what yours? Money (obviously!), people, material, tools, work environment, client sales or what?

Bumper Season for Cape Town Hotel Market

04-21-2016 | 09:13:00
Although final figures for the Cape Town tourist season have yet to be calculated, analysis of hotel figures from October 2015 to February 2016 indicate that Cape Town hotels had a bumper summer season when compared to the same period in 2014/2015.