Small & Medium Businesses in East Africa must create time to innovate

09-21-2016 | 09:52:00
Small & Medium Businesses in East Africa are resourceful and creative, yet many entrepreneurs lack the time and support they need to innovate in their businesses.

Join the complimentary webinar about engaging smallholder farmers

09-20-2016 | 15:09:00
We wanted to invite you to join the complimentary webinar: ‘Is improving land rights the key to smallholder development? And, if so, how can companies help?’ hosted by Innovation Forum.

[Interview] Dewald Nolte, co-founder Entersekt, on modern banking in South Africa

09-18-2016 | 10:20:00
"Digital banking is performing very well in South Africa and in Africa generally, although mobile banking has a greater share of the total in most countries north of South Africa’s borders. There are a number of reasons for mobile’s success, one being the relative lack of infrastructure in Africa."

AfricaCom 2016 | 14-18 November Cape Town | Economic Development And Social Empowerment Through Digital Connectivity

09-15-2016 | 13:06:00
AfricaCom 2016 | 14-18 November Cape Town | Economic Development And Social Empowerment Through Digital Connectivity

[Column] Brett Parker, MD SAP Africa: Ambition and opportunity in IT in Africa

09-12-2016 | 11:10:00
The potential gains to be made from the rapid growth of the African digital economy cannot be overstated. An estimated 360 million mobile devices, $75billion in annual e-commerce sales and a $300billion internet-driven boost to GDP is forecast by 2025.

Africa Works! 2016: How to finance a company in Africa

09-08-2016 | 09:50:00
Africa Works!, the largest event in The Netherlands that focuses on doing business in Africa, will take place in November under the theme ‘Innovation in finance.’

[Column] Chioma Nnani: The God Business in Nigeria

09-05-2016 | 11:26:00
I mentioned earlier – I think it was in a publicity interview – how I will back out of any deal where any soul dares mention god/Jesus/any religious variation.

[Column] Bob Koigi: Save East African SMEs, the engine that oils the growth of the region

09-02-2016 | 13:58:00
Like mustard seeds or the first step to a journey of a thousand steps, the Kenyan small and medium enterprises have grown to position themselves as formidable players in the country’ economic growth.

[Interview] Ganiyat Alli: Founder, Nigerian Diaspora Male & Female Pageant, UK

09-01-2016 | 11:28:00
Ganiyat Alli is a woman on a mission to unite the Nigerian Diaspora in the UK. The 27 year old entrepreneur has the ambition and drive to make a difference in the Nigerian Diaspora community through the Mr & Miss Nigeria UK pageant.

[Column] Glenn Davies: AFRICA - The Richest Poorest place on Earth

08-30-2016 | 08:44:00
If you were asked to think of 3 words that best define Africa, would ‘wealthy’ be one of them? My Company’s been doing business in Africa now for a while, and can safely say it has not been easy.

[Column] Banjo Dominic: Investing in today’s West Africa

08-30-2016 | 08:32:00
Many West African countries are on the rise in globalization according to Wikipedia chart of 2015. Nigeria, until very recently overtaken by South Africa, had the largest GDP in Africa with a nominal value of $480.066 billion, making her the largest and the leading economy in Africa for a long time.

[Column] Chris Green: Brexit and the African Sunset

08-25-2016 | 10:22:00
Theresa May was sworn in as Prime Minister of the UK and her opening speech resounded loudly, the British Pound recovered against the SA Rand and most currencies. But was this just a blip.

[Column] Martha Chauke: Is South Africa worth your investment?

08-23-2016 | 10:32:00
Developing countries like South Africa need FDI (foreign direct investment). They are investments in a business by an investor from another country for which the foreign investor has control over the company purchased.

[Column] Dewald Nolte: Five tips for designing African digital banking experiences that score with the young and old

08-19-2016 | 10:37:00
As mobile internet connectivity grows, African youth is fast embracing the opportunity to connect, converse and transact on the web.

[Interview] Princess Onitilo, Founder, Tress Free, UK

08-18-2016 | 08:36:00
Born in South East London to a Sierra Leonean mother and Nigerian father, Princess Onitilo graduated with honours from Warwick University with a degree in Law and Sociology. And then her entrepreneurial spirit led her down a different path with the launch of Tress Free.

Nigeria’s Smartphone Users Spend 193minutes on Device Daily

08-17-2016 | 08:16:00
A new report has shown that an average smartphone user in Nigeria spends about 193 minutes on the device, either browsing, texting or making calls daily.

[Column] Chris Green: BREXIT and African Union relationships and future

08-17-2016 | 07:23:00
Financially it seems that Brexit has created the possibility of some form of economic changes in Africa. The African Union (AU) leaders have met to analyse the impact of this event and of course look at ways toward an even bigger continental integration of the continent and ways to benefit from this momentous event.

Housing and Residential Development Egypt Summit: Meet developers with US$60 billion of projects

08-17-2016 | 06:27:00
As you may be aware, Egypt’s housing and residential sector has been experiencing exceptional growth over the last 5 years. We have been in discussions with a number of the major developers in Egypt and they are very bullish about the future.

No longer at ease - Key lessons for Kenyan flower industry from EPA, Brexit on market diversification

08-12-2016 | 13:41:00
The Kenyan flower and by extension horticulture industry is going through very interesting times that could make or break it. Yet this is a sector that has played such a crucial role in its contribution to the country’s purse

Increased Use of Objective Lenses in Imaging and Photography to Propel Objective Lens Market in Africa

08-11-2016 | 10:25:00
Market Research Hub (MRH) has added a new market intelligence report to its comprehensive collection of research studies, a 165-page research study titled “Objective Lens Markets in Africa to 2020.