Glenn Davies: Disrupting Africa

04-21-2015 | 10:46:00
I think it’s fair to say that the landscape for technology and innovation is undergoing huge change. The ‘tech’ industry as we know it is transforming and moving at speeds like no other. And any industry that is moving with it is doing so with the help of disruptive technologies being developed in the IT space.

Stallone-Obaraemi Samuel: Waking up the Nigerian Employee

04-21-2015 | 10:37:00
The expression “employee engagement” has been used so many times that some people are beginning to think that it is gradually losing its meaning. To human resource practitioners, it is a key expression considering the fast-moving nature of the job world.

[Forum] Ibrahim Aliyu: The Election of General Muhammadu Buhari is a blessing to Africans

04-16-2015 | 11:30:00
[Forum] Ibrahim Aliyu: The Election of General Muhammadu Buhari is a blessing to Africans

Stallone Obaraemi-Samuel: What Nigerian Businesses can Learn from the Mordernising Medical Careers Program

04-16-2015 | 11:21:00
At different points in an organization’s life there may be perceived needs for certain changes to be done. In most cases such changes are achieved through the enactment and implementation of relevant policies. Painfully in some cases although beautiful policies may be created, the bane has almost always been lack of effective implemention.

Peter McCann: A Great African

04-14-2015 | 09:16:38
In Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan (b 1957) was recently defeated in reasonably clean presidential elections and graciously conceded on March 31 2015. Jonathan saved Nigeria from ruinous conflict and he legitimized and embedded democracy in Nigeria. He is leaving power as a statesman.

[Uganda] Can WhatsApp be a Social and/or Security Alerts Tool?

04-13-2015 | 11:50:00
We have evolved into the so-called 'look down' generation. Whether it is in a taxi to work or returning home at end of day, walking to Usafi car park, drivers in a traffic jam or even during meetings, nearly everyone is looking down and typing away on their phones.

[Africa] International Banking Safer Since Crisis

04-09-2015 | 10:49:58
International banks now rely relatively more on lending by foreign affiliates than on cross-border lending. This development may have made financial systems in host countries safer, according to new research from the International Monetary Fund.

Glenn Davies: M-Commerce - The Future of Africa

04-09-2015 | 10:38:00
The rise and rise of a mobile world means endless opportunities to transact in a private and secure way. We are no longer confined to our homes, our laptops or local retail outlets and can now do everything previously limited to a PC environment via our Mobile device - and in fact we can do a LOT more. The world is embracing this in record numbers, and no more so than Africa.

Zeldah Schrama: Setting up an African lingerie business with no fashion experience nor capital

04-09-2015 | 10:31:00
Most people start a fashion line because of a passion for design or because they have some experience working in the industry. For me it went the other way around. Having lived in Europe for over 8 years, I can say that finding perfectly fitting and flattering fashion items when you’re endowed with curves is often a painful and difficult struggle.

[Startup Interview] Ivan Mugeere, Founder, Infosis Business Solutions, Uganda

04-09-2015 | 10:18:00
Ivan Mugeere founded his company a year and a half-ago, following his several years of study and work in Europe. He speaks to Africa Business Communities about starting a business in his country Uganda, the business environment, governmental (non)support, etc.

Terser Adamu: Reasons Why Nigerian Startups Fail

04-09-2015 | 09:03:00
In Nigerian culture, failure is often not an option. From education to employment, there is a general fear of failure, especially when it comes to risk-taking, which is one of the fundamental aspects of entrepreneurship. But across the Atlantic Ocean in Silicon Valley, failure is almost encouraged.

Glenn Davies: An African Easter - Remembering the Children

04-02-2015 | 10:10:00
I find there’s no better time in life to reflect than during a holiday season - and Easter is no exception. Now I’m not talking about having to reflect on one’s personal beliefs or faiths but more on life and the world around us - perspective.

Akua Nyame-Mensah: Real Estate in Accra – (Un)Reasonable?

04-02-2015 | 09:55:28
I spend a lot of time asking developers and agents what goes into the pricing of real estate in Accra. I ask this question so much because the prices seem to constantly be much higher than I expect. Are people just being opportunistic? Is the cost of construction and acquiring land really that high?

Emmanuel Nyame: Why Africa Needs More Entrepreneurs

03-31-2015 | 10:16:00
The idea of starting a business and owning a startup has sprung up in recent times within the African continent. Where entrepreneurs try to find solutions that would reduce poverty through social enterprise, some Africans are basically searching new ways to make lives easier through technology and other financial means.

Adedunmade Onibokun: Expropriation of Foreign Assets under Nigerian Law

03-31-2015 | 09:51:00
One major concern every foreign investor coming to invest in most African countries is burdened with is the (in)stability of government in the investment destination and the security of investments. Many times, investors have been short changed due to national policies that take away their wealth by the governments of the investment state. An example is what happened in Zimbabwe where every white-owned farm was expropriated by the government.

Peter McCann: Management = Subtract Before Adding

03-31-2015 | 09:28:00
I was asked recently about how to rejuvenate a business, and my advice was to subtract before adding. Businesses and governments grow organically, like the Nigerian coral reef, adding bits until eventually the accumulation is something new. Unlike the Nigerian coral reef, which is a creation of beauty, businesses and governments become bloated and ugly.

[Interview] Zimkhitha Mqutheni: MD, Ukhanyiso Communications, South Africa

03-26-2015 | 13:10:00
Zimkhitha Mqutheni is MD of Ukhanyiso Communications, Cape Town, South Africa. She also runs a Young Business Leaders Discussion Forum which brings together young entrepreneurs, the Western Cape Government, Transformation and BEE managers and financial institutions that fund small businesses to discuss the challenges faced by young entrepreneurs.

Glenn Davies: Hopeless Africa

03-26-2015 | 12:00:00
“Hopeless Africa” This was the bold heading of an article released in May of 2000 by ‘The Economist’. The letter told of “floods in Mozambique; threats of famine in Ethiopia (again); mass murder in Uganda; the implosion of Sierra Leone; and a string of wars across the continent.” It went on to say that the new millennium has brought more disaster than hope to Africa.

Peter McCann: Nigeria First! The Cows Are Waiting!

03-26-2015 | 11:47:00
A seasoned Nigerian businessman and I had a lengthy discussion about the potential merits of an uncertain, expensive investment but possibly lucrative opportunity in a distant country. He seemed excited about the foreign opportunity. Later, I composed and emailed the following parable:

Terser Adamu: Brilliant Ways to Market a Business in Nigeria

03-26-2015 | 11:34:00
Working with businesses in Nigeria has provided me with a unique opportunity to think about marketing from a different perspective. I’ve picked up quite a few insights and learned a lot along the way.Most Nigerian businesses that I work with believe that you have to spend big bucks to market your business. This is not true! There are plenty of cost affective marketing tactics that you can put in place that won’t blow your budget.