[Column] Bob Koigi: Kenya’s Reality in Agribusiness and Value Addition

07-22-2016 | 16:19:00
In recent years, the government through the Kenya Tea Development Authority (KTDA) that pays farmers for export of tea has been paying the farmers unprecedented bonuses. In fact in 2012, the Kenyan farmers received the highest bonus in the world in that period

The Big Brands & Africa Survey | Smartphones

07-21-2016 | 05:43:00
The Africa Consumer Panel is executing The Big Brands & Africa Survey. You are invited to participate!

[Column] Bob Koigi: Why Kenya needs more farmers hands, not more suits

07-15-2016 | 14:51:00
Kenya is sitting at the edge of a precipice while dancing with an avoidable time bomb. Data released by various institutions indicate that each year over 800,000 youths are ripe and qualified to join the job market

[Column] Rudolf Huber: LNG in South Africa

07-14-2016 | 10:34:00
The new situation we have with comparatively cheaper LNG is sharpening our senses for new opportunities. This happens out of pain experienced by the producers as well as out of opportunistic endeavor in potential consuming markets.

OPEC Sees Brexit Risk to Oil Demand, Slide in Non-OPEC Supply

07-14-2016 | 10:06:00
OPEC said the U.K.’s vote to leave the European Union could curb global economic growth next year, notably in Europe, where the risk is that demand for oil could fall.

Annual Egypt Ports and Waterways Summit: Egypt port authorities and Ministry of Transport meet to discuss upcoming projects

07-14-2016 | 09:34:00
Developing business with government can be difficult. Getting hold of accurate information and getting the right meetings can therefore be a challenge when doing business in Egypt.

[Interview] Paul J. Swaak, CEO, LOGISA

07-14-2016 | 07:33:00
Africa Business Communities interviews Dutch businessman and entrepreneur Paul J. Swaak, CEO of LOGISA:

[Column] Top Six Free Apps for Busy Nigerian Mothers

07-12-2016 | 12:32:00
Mothers can only do their best. But with mobile apps, they can achieve more. There are tons of helpful apps for busy Nigerian mothers.

[Column] Lischa Gerstle: Corporates seeking to do business in South Africa must be aware of exchange control regulations

07-11-2016 | 12:01:48
Corporates seeking to do business in South Africa and/or with South African counterparties, whether in the context of cross-border financing transactions or otherwise, should take cognisance of the exchange control regulations that govern the inflow and outflow of capital from South Africa.

[Column] Kevin Avila: The Role of VSAT in Supporting NGOs during Disasters in Africa (Part 2): Zambia and Cape Verde

07-11-2016 | 08:54:00
Emergency telecommunications play a critical role in the immediate aftermath of disasters by ensuring the timely flow of vital information that is much needed by government agencies and other humanitarian actors involved in rescue operations and providing medical assistance to the injured.

[Column] Purvi Shah: Time For Hope As Africa Rises

07-04-2016 | 12:39:00
Since 2000, there are indications of ‘Africa Rising’, and the narrative is shifting to one where the continent is broadly destined to enjoy a period of mid-to-high economic growth

[Column] Rudolf Huber: Those Low Oil Prices the Best Chance Africa has had in a Long Time?

07-04-2016 | 11:02:00
We are halfway through 2016 and Africa looks set for despair and gloom. Faltering oil prices have brought misery to many African countries that have grown dependent on the oil income and yet, there is a strong silver lining as the easy clippings from oil and gas gave all African nations the wrong sort of incentives for years.

Chioma Nnani: Dead Weight at Work

07-04-2016 | 09:45:00
So, I think I previously mentioned that I'm working on this project where I have to do something about an autobiography of one of the most inspirational men that Nigeria has ever produced; he is truly one of Nigeria's best-kept secrets.

[Kevin Avila] The Role of VSAT in Supporting NGOs during Disasters in Africa (Part 1): Mozambique and Uganda

07-04-2016 | 08:26:00
Natural disasters such as floods, fires, and storms affect thousands of people in Africa. From the destruction of buildings to the spread of disease, natural disasters can devastate entire countries overnight and seriously disrupt the community with massive human, material, economic and environmental losses.

[Column] Korede Ologun: How does Brexit affect business in Africa?

07-04-2016 | 07:15:00
The world continues to weigh in on the impacts of Britain’s exit from the European Union especially with a tone of epitaph. Obviously, there will be consequences such as painful renegotiation of trade deals, security and movement.

Stallone-Obaraemi Samuel: Repositioning Yourself – find a job, Keep it (Part 2)

06-30-2016 | 09:41:00
Many job-seekers are prepared for employment; however, a segment of people looking for work don't have what are called job readiness skills. Job readiness skills are the basic, fundamental skills that a job seeker or an employee must have to be employable.

Africa Offers Huge Potential for Cashless Payment – MasterCard VP

06-28-2016 | 09:44:00
Vice President and Area Business Head West Africa, Mastercard, Omokehinde Adebanjo has said that African countries share some of the world’s highest speeds of digital growth with people now constantly in pursuit of faster and more convenient ways of paying for goods and services.

Empowering Girls in Emergency Settings Challenge Prize - join the competition and win $100,000

06-27-2016 | 10:32:00
$100,000 grant will support implementation of ideas and programmes focused on SRH services for adolescent girls in emergency settings as key intervention to address HIV epidemic

Rita Cheng: 5 Free Apps to Help You Control Your Finances

06-27-2016 | 09:06:00
In a not-so-distant past, people tracked their personal finances by saving every single receipt and painstakingly balancing a checkbook. Technology has evolved over the decades, and now financial help is literally at our fingertips. Here are five apps I recommend to get your financial life in order:

Samsung Africa: Corporate Citizens Need to Make a Real Impact on Africa’s Sustainable Development Goals

06-27-2016 | 08:57:00
Prepared to follow on from the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the 17 Sustainable Development Goals were unveiled with the aim of taking steps towards building a better world in the next 15 years.