Odimbite Odimbite: Sharks Can't Swim on Sand

07-14-2015 | 08:27:00
Starting a profitable business is a noble dream. But most would-be entrepreneurs never venture out because of fear: fear of several uncertainties. They are right as starting a business has its own share of challenges like most other ventures.

Enock Wangila: Heightened Investor Risk Perception Thrusts Home Afrika’s Financing Cost

07-14-2015 | 08:20:00
Property developer Home Afrika re-priced its 500 million corporate bond to make it Kenya’s highest paying coupon bond. The significant rise in coupon rate of the 5-year bond from 13.5% to 17% is set to increase the company’s financing cost

Africa Business Communities Networking Event | Hamburg - 21 September 2015

07-13-2015 | 12:38:00
The Grand Elysée Hotel in Hamburg, located close to the business district and the Alster, is the perfect location to meet up with top business professionals operating in Africa.

[Interview] Alexander Boadi, Founder and Director, Lets Move Africa, London

07-09-2015 | 09:10:00
Alexander Boadi is the founder and director of Lets Move Africa as well as the Lets Move Africa Foundation. His interview with Africa Business Communities:

[Startup Interview] Odimbite Odimbite, Co-Founder, Metrodelight Foods, Lagos

07-07-2015 | 10:28:00
Metrodelight Foods is a fast food chain restaurant, founded in 2014 in Lagos, Nigeria. Africa Business Communities interviews one of its founders, Odimbite Odimbite:

[Interview] Babatunde Oladele, Chief Responsibility Officer, TRW Consult, Nigeria

07-07-2015 | 07:36:00
Babatunde Oladele is Chief Responsibility Officer at TRW Consult, Nigeria, a firm that provides research, contents, editorial and digital services to corporates and individuals. His interview with Africa Business Communities:

[USTDA Report] Increasing Internet Access, Unlocking Imaginations In South Africa

07-03-2015 | 13:45:00
Cape Town, South Africa is a jewellery at the bottom of the African continent – a city with tremendous natural beauty, a vibrant economy and a rich history.

Harriman Oyofo: The Business of Driving in Nigeria

07-02-2015 | 13:36:00
Road traffic collisions kill thousands of people in Nigeria each year, not to mention the accompanying damage to property and the environment. It is estimated that in about 80% of the occurrences driver error is the principal, primary cause.

[Interview] Frans de Pater, Managing Partner, AfricanWise, The Netherlands

07-02-2015 | 13:31:00
Frans de Pater is former commercial director of Vlisco, Ivory Coast. He is currently Managing Partner at AfricanWise. His interview with Africa Business Communities:

[Interview] Ribi Adeshokan, Founder, Nigeria Racing Eagle, London, UK

07-02-2015 | 11:29:00
Ribi Adeshokan is the founder and Team Principal of Nigeria Racing Eagle, the first Pan-African Motorsport team with all drivers to be of African origin, representing Africa at the International Motorsport. His interview with Africa Business Communities:

Abraham Johan Meintjes: The Valuable Contribution of Christian Missions to Africa

06-30-2015 | 10:29:00
Much of the world’s history is either being denied or being re-written to conquer and manipulate the minds and the focus of God’s people on this earth. Mostly, - it would seem, - with great success. Similarly the history of the church and missions in Africa is being ignored, distorted, belittled or denied.

[CEO Interview] Ismail Ahmed, WorldRemit

06-30-2015 | 10:26:00
Ismail is the Founder and CEO of WorldRemit – the world’s leading online money transfer service. For Ismail, founding WorldRemit was the culmination of 20 years’ experience in the money transfer industry - spanning academic, consulting and in-house roles.

Odimbite Odimbite: Bagged Cash - Survival Instincts

06-30-2015 | 10:21:00
Businesses face cashflow challenges either at startup or expansion stage especially in businesses that are labour, technological or capital intensive and must bag the much needed cash.

Harriman Oyofo: Enduring Facts and Fallacies in Safety Management

06-26-2015 | 10:55:00
For a start, safety has to be managed as an integral part of the business for the benefits to become manifest. There must be management leadership to provide direction and resources, supervision, organization, communication and employee buy-in for things to work as planned.

Abraham Johan Meintjes: Optimizing Agriculture and Ethnobotany in Southern Africa

06-22-2015 | 08:37:00
The dire need of stable and reliable food production in Africa and beyond had been emphasized often to date. Plants as both food and medicine to the rural regions in Africa might deserve more attention.

Thembe Khumalo: A New Hope in Zimbabwe

06-22-2015 | 08:28:00
It’s not like we haven’t heard it enough times – we have: Africa is rising. More and more attention is being given to what was previously the Dark Continent, but is now being seen as the hope of the world.

Rudolf Huber: Use it or lose it for African flares

06-22-2015 | 08:20:00
Africa - just like many other regions on earth - suffers from a double edged problem. On one side, enormous amounts of natural gas are being flared every single day and this gas comes as associated gas to the surface with the oil that is produced at the same time.

[Interview] Odimbite Odimbite, Co-Founder, MetroDelight Foods, Nigeria

06-22-2015 | 08:08:00
Odimbite Odimbite is Co-Founder of MetroDelight, a fastfood chain in Lagos, Nigeria. His interview with Africa Business Communities:

[CEO Interview] Olakunle Aderemi, CEO, Foreign Direct Investment Opportunity in Nigeria Exhibition, London, UK

06-18-2015 | 08:30:00
Olakunle Aderemi is CEO, Foreign Direct Investment Opportunity in Nigeria Exhibition (FODION), London, UK. His interview with Africa Business Communities:

[Interview] Thembe Khumalo, Executive Director at Island Hospice & Healthcare, Zimbabwe

06-18-2015 | 07:41:00
Thembe Khumalo is Executive Director at Island Hospice & Healthcare, Zimbabwe. Her interview with Africa Business Communities: