[Startup Interview] Herbert Rajula, Founder/CEO, Poraeh Investments, Kenya

06-04-2015 | 11:02:00
Herbert Rajula, with years of experience and expertise in the financial and banking industry, founded Poraeh Investments in 2013 as an answer to mobile money transfer in Kenya. His interview with Africa Business Communities:

Harriman Oyofo: Safety as an Investment for Smart Businesses

06-02-2015 | 11:22:00
What is safety? Bloody waste of time and money! Really? No doubt, there are some business owners who may think, feel and act like safety is a waste of time and money; an abstract quantity and a studied distraction from the all-important business of production.

[Interview] Quinton van der Burgh, Chairman, Innovatec Africa, South Africa

06-02-2015 | 11:05:00
Quinton van der Burgh is Chairman, Innovatec Africa, South Africa. His interview with Africa Business Communities:

Stallone-Obaraemi Samuel: African businesses and the need for Co-Creation

06-02-2015 | 10:52:00
According to Jean Houston in her article “Social Artistry”, too many of the problems in societies today stem from leadership. Unfortunately such leadership is grossly ill prepared to deal with present diversity and complexity.

Botswana: What Are Botswana's Options for Economic Diversification?

06-01-2015 | 12:14:00
Since shortly after independence, Botswana has depended on its diamond revenues.

[Africa CEO Forum] Are African Banks ready for the Future of Africa?

05-28-2015 | 16:24:00
On a regular basis we consult African CEO's about their views on business.

Dr. Stanley Ko: Scientific Development in Africa – my Opinion

05-28-2015 | 09:42:00
Although I have lived and worked in Africa for several years and have occasionally been called "an African", I am still learning about the massive Africa. I can only provide a brief "take" about what I perceive about the topic of scientific development in the continent.

Mpho Muvhango: Angry Customer + Social media = Bye-bye Business

05-28-2015 | 09:31:00
Many companies/organizations remain unaware of the impact that angry customers have on their reputation. The value of a happy customer is well understood but the influence and potential of an angry customer should never be underestimated.

[CEO Interview] Harriman Isa Oyofo, CEO, Mann Safety, Nigeria

05-28-2015 | 09:24:00
Harriman Isa Oyofo is Chairman/CEO of Health , Safety and Loss Control company, Mann Safety, Nigeria. His interview with Africa Business Communities:

Rudolf Huber: Is the Nigerian fuel crisis the mother of energy opportunities?

05-28-2015 | 09:07:00
The news about the current Nigerian fuels crisis is already spreading beyond the realms of the Gulf of Guinea. It is said that this one is the worst since anyone can remember. This is truly not an enviable legacy for the outgoing president Goodluck Jonathan.

Free registration in our Business Directory for Market Research Companies in Africa

05-27-2015 | 09:32:00
Africa Business Communities has set up several business directories among which the directory for players in the Market Research Business in Africa.

[Interview] Oluwafemi Adeniba, Director, Kosiberu Koncepts, Nigeria

05-26-2015 | 12:19:00
Oluwafemi Adebiba is a director at Kosiberu Koncepts, Nigeria. ABC brings this interview with him:

[Startup Interview] Brandon Wilson, founder, Awesome South Africa, South Africa

05-26-2015 | 10:29:00
Brandon Wilson is founder and creator of Awesome South Africa, the first mobile app of its kind in South Africa. His interview with ABC:

Harriman Oyofo: Workplace Accidents and Profits – A toxic relationship

05-21-2015 | 10:54:00
It is important for the small business owner to take workplace accidents seriously because they can have a terminal effect on the business. Prevention should be the key and all accidents should be duly reported, recorded and investigated to prevent reoccurence.

[Interview] Stallone-Obaraemi Samuel, Senior HR Manager, TNS Global, Nigeria

05-21-2015 | 10:27:00
Stallone-Obaraemi Samuel is a Senior Human Resources Manager with TNS Global, and has bagged about 10 years of experience and practice. He also runs an educational organization via which he grants basic education scholarship to a few African children, plus hopes to grow the number of beneficiaries in time. His interview with ABC:

[Interview] Akin Oke, Senior Consultant, EasyData Resources, Nigeria

05-19-2015 | 10:00:00
Akin Oke is is a Management Consultant with Easy Data Resources Ltd., Nigeria and Executive Director, Center for Sustainable Leadership. He is an incurable optimist about the possibilities of Nigeria. His interview with ABC:

[Interview] Harvey Oiku: Founder, Blue Gold Corporate Concept, Nigeria

05-14-2015 | 11:45:00
Harvey Oiku is founder of manufacturing company Blue Gold Corporate Concept Ltd., Nigeria. Africa Business Communities speaks with him.

ABC interviews Adedotun Samuel Adesanya, Managing Director of Kaakaki Consultancy and Self-letting.com

05-13-2015 | 11:49:00
Kaakaki Consultancy Limited is an ambitious and innovative company that is attempting to turn the business consulting business on its head

Rudolf Huber: Micro generation - the next African mobile phone revolution

05-12-2015 | 10:39:00
When I was exposed to Sub-Saharan Africa for the first time in 1996, one of the real big problems of the time was keeping in touch with loved ones back in Europe. Telephones were rare and when they existed, lines did not always work and even if they worked, it cost an arm and a leg to make a call.

[Standard Bank] After LNG - What Next?

05-11-2015 | 11:04:40
Mozambique liquefied natural gas, (LNG) stands to transform the country and entrench it as a leading player in the global LNG industry.