[Interview] Charles Henry Ngueuga, Regional Sales Manager for Africa, Fico Tonbeller, Germany

03-08-2016 | 08:25:00
Charles Henry Ngueuga is a multilingual finance professional and Associate Partner at Fico Tonbeller, Germany. Charles will participate at the Amsterdam Business Networking Event on March 8.

Africa Business Communities Networking Event | Amsterdam - 8 March 2016

03-07-2016 | 14:16:00
The Amstel Hotel, located at the Amstel River in the heart of Amsterdam, is the perfect location to meet with top business professionals operating in Africa

[Interview] Gerrit van Doorn, CEO, Fair Business Institute, The Netherlands

03-07-2016 | 13:20:00
Gerrit van Doorn is CEO ofFair Business Institute, a resource for resolving business development and relationship challenges in Africa. Gerrit will participate in the Amsterdam Business Networking Event on March 8.

[Interview] Jeremy Rubel, Director, Gannibal, France

03-07-2016 | 12:00:00
Jeremy Rubel is Director at Gannibal, and expert in building strategic relations and business developments between Africa and China. Jeremy will participate in the Amsterdam Business Networking Event, March 8.

[Interview] Frans de Pater, Managing Partner at AfricanWise, The Netherlands

03-07-2016 | 10:34:00
Frans de Pater is former commercial director of Vlisco, Ivory Coast, and the current Managing Partner at AfricanWise. Frans is co-host of the Africa Business Communities Networking Event, Amsterdam, March 8.

[Interview] Jeff Bakker, Co-Founder, Acies International Security Solutions, The Netherlands

03-07-2016 | 09:29:00
Security expert, Jeff Bakker, is co-owner of Acies International Security Solutions and one of its operations managers responsible for the deployment and training of staff. Jeff will participate in the Amsterdam Business Networking Event on March 8.

[Interview] Adan Ashkir, Tax Consultant, BDO, The Netherlands

03-07-2016 | 08:44:00
Adan Ashkir, Tax Consultant with international Dutch firm, BDO, speaks with Africa Business Communities about the firm’s growth, expansion into the African market, and more.

[Interview] Joerg Karow, Director, Alphateam Sprl, Belgium

03-04-2016 | 12:21:00
Joerg Karow is a German businessman, entrepreneur and the current Director of Alphateam Sprl, located in Belgium and operating all over Europe, South America and the USA. Joerg will participate in the Amsterdam Business Networking Event, March 8, 2016. His interview with Africa Business Communities:

[Interview] Willem Vis, Founder, Induct Industrial Contracting, The Netherlands

03-04-2016 | 11:03:00
Willem Vis is Dutch entrepreneur, innovator and founder of Induct Industrial Contracting, located in Katwijk near The Hague,The Netherlands, but with operations reaching as far as Africa. His interview with Africa Business Communities:

[Interview] Marius Daudeij, Managing Director, KDS Cargo, The Netherlands

03-04-2016 | 09:44:00
Marius Daudeij is the current Managing Director of centuries’ old freight company, KDS Cargo. He will participate in the Amsterdam Business Networking Event, March 8, 2016. His interview with Africa Business Communities:

Hjörtur Smárason: African Cities take the lead in Developing the Future City

03-03-2016 | 12:38:00
The Future City of Africa, a new conference in Nairobi, June 2016, explores the potential of African cities to rethink the city concept and take the lead globally in designing the future city.

New mega trends in Africa reveals GDP growth of $4,5 trillion by 2025

03-03-2016 | 11:53:00
By Samantha L. James. Urbanisation, mobility, infrastructure, natural resources, telecommunications and inter-regional trade are just a few of the untapped opportunities making Africa the last growth frontier. The continent is set to become the second fastest growing region by 2025, with a gross domestic product (GDP) of $4,5 trillion.

Propery Investors To Face Tough Economic Condition in South Africa

03-02-2016 | 10:28:14
This year could be a hard time for property investors in South Africa as the country's economy is currently experiencing crisis, resulting to slower rate of property investment.

[Interview] Debritu Mogesse Lusteau, Founding Partner, Moyee Coffee, The Netherlands

03-01-2016 | 18:00:00
Debritu Mogesse Lusteau is Ethiopian entrepreneur, founder of The Hague-based company Meskel, and co-founder of Moyee Coffee. She also plays intermediary between the European and the Ethiopian markets, facilitating financing and partnerships where necessary through her many years of operating in both continents.

Tony Elumelu: Open Letter to African Entrepreneurs

03-01-2016 | 10:10:00
To all of Africa’s aspiring entrepreneurs, “I commend your courage and determination to build a business in the face of limitations that inhibit the viability of your startup and significantly threaten its survival...

How to Identify a Phishing Attack

02-29-2016 | 17:03:00
If you've ever typed your details into a fraudulent website, you'll understand the sinking feeling of realisation. Here's how to avoid the pain.

IMF: Sub-Saharan Africa stands to gain significantly from its growing population

02-29-2016 | 15:07:00
Sub-Saharan Africa’s most formidable economic asset could soon be its people. As the region’s demographics change, it can enjoy significant growth if policies are tailored to tap into this potential.

The rise of Mobile Payments in Nigeria

02-29-2016 | 11:35:00
During the course of February 2016, Uber had launched a brand new wallet payment system in India. A lot of people in the tech ecosystem have been pontificating on what this would mean in relation to Nigeria, seeing as Uber can be seen as arguably the largest online private transportation provider right now in Lagos.

Chioma Nnani: Olajumoke and the Curious Case of Emergency CSR

02-29-2016 | 11:25:00
So, earlier this month (February), it came out that TY Bello (one of Nigeria's foremost photographers) did a photo-shoot with UK-based musician, Tinie Tempah.

[Interview] Patricia Monthe, Founder, MEDx eHealthCenter, The Netherlands

02-25-2016 | 11:17:00
Patricia Monthe is Founder and CEO of MEDx Care, an eHealthCenter that brings together health and technology in ways relevant to the social contexts of growth markets (emerging and developing countries. Her interview with Africa Business Communities: