[Column] Dewald Nolte: Why South African banks hold the key to mobile payments

03-02-2017 | 10:59:51
For the South African market to reach the critical mass that will drive the mainstream adoption of mobile payments, consumers need a system they can trust.

[Column] Debbie Goodman-Bhyat: Visible shift from expat to local for multinational leadership teams in Africa

02-28-2017 | 10:59:00
Global multinationals throughout Africa are increasingly filling their top leadership teams with executives from the continent – a move away from the historical trend of appointing mostly expats to key positions.

[Webinar] Africa Outlook 2017 with new President Corporate Council on Africa and President Cohen and Woods International

02-27-2017 | 10:49:00
This discussion will focus on the most attractive opportunities for Africa trade and investment in 2017 and forces that may impact them.

Africa Business Communities will come to meet with you in London, Gaborone and Windhoek

02-23-2017 | 16:25:00
Bas Vlugt, founder of Africa Business Communites, will be traveling to Africa coming April and May and this might be a great opportunity to meet.

[Column] Korede Ologun: Nigeria’s Exchange Rate Policy - A Tale of Two Strings

02-23-2017 | 10:49:07
Nigeria’s exchange rate policy has been a blessing to some and a burden to many. Nigerians that earn in foreign currencies have had more than a 200% increase in their purchasing power in the last 2 years.

South African Budget 2017: Nasty surprises still coming on the tax front

02-23-2017 | 10:24:00
Tax increases of R28 billion were announced in the 2017 Budget speech by the South African Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan, on Wednesday, 22 February 2017.

[Column] Jens Ischebeck: 3 worth-it benefits of mobile learning in Rwanda

02-21-2017 | 11:51:26
M-learning is education that uses primarily mobile or electronic devices. M-learning is similar to home-schooling in the sense that you can learn anywhere.

Modern Poultry Industry is taking shape in Africa - Report

02-21-2017 | 11:27:00
Africa is ready to take its place on the world stage, as the poultry industry is evolving, from a national and regional basis to a more global platform, according to RaboResearch’s latest report ‘Time for Africa: Capturing the African Poultry Investment Opportunity’.

[Column] Ndiritu Muriithi: Is Kenya’s informal sector getting sophisticated?

02-21-2017 | 09:31:00
A surprisingly large number of small businesses in Kenya are in the manufacturing industry. Out of the 700,000 micro enterprises captured in the Medium, Small and Medium Enterprises Report 2016 published by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, 175,000 or 12 per cent are in manufacturing.

[Column] Bob Koigi: The tough balancing act in buying an existing business

02-17-2017 | 04:40:13
A good friend of mine working in a local bank in a plum marketing position decided to call it quits after the thrill of working in a well polished office signing documents and swinging on expensive chairs all day fizzled.

[Interview] Korede Ologun, Head, Research & Advisory, Helix Securities, Nigeria

02-16-2017 | 10:59:00
Korede Ologun of Helix Securities Limited interviews with Africa Business Communities on past and present economic situation in Nigeria:

44 per cent in Sub-Saharan Africa survey say mobile data speeds will determine their next purchase

02-16-2017 | 10:34:00
Telecoms specialist adviser Analysys Mason has completed its annual series of Connected Consumer surveys analysing mobile customer behaviour in Sub-Saharan Africa

The Kenyan real estate market and the introduction of Real Estate Investment Trusts

02-14-2017 | 14:30:16
The past decade has seen significant growth in most key sectors of the Kenyan economy, thanks to a vibrant private sector and the ever-increasing foreign appetite for investments in Africa.

Africa Business Communities is looking for Partners

02-10-2017 | 17:25:00
In addition to our Africa Business Communities website we will launch several spin-off websites, that can be either country platforms, industry related platforms or a combination of the two.

[Interview] Kayode Olusola Lawal, CEO, Associate Box

02-09-2017 | 13:47:00
Kayode Olusola Lawal is CEO of Associate Box, a digital marketplace for African techies. Africabizz interviews him:

[Column] Ndiritu Muriithi: The vital role of SMEs in job creation and economic growth

02-09-2017 | 12:31:00
Contrary to popular thinking, the informal sector in Kenya, commonly known as jua kali employs more people than the formal sector.

[Column] Jens Ischebeck: The potential for mobile learning in Ivory Coast

02-09-2017 | 10:14:00
M-learning enables mobile phone users to access online courses (including free courses such as MOOC) and gain qualifications remotely via their smartphones.

[Column] Duncan Mutembani: Steps to great business leadership in Africa

02-09-2017 | 10:08:11
Despite some tough challenges, sub-Saharan Africa should see growth of 2.9% this year and 3.8% in 2018, according to a report by the World Bank.

[Interview] Erick Ngala, Managing Partner, Priority Activator Consulting

02-03-2017 | 06:08:14
Erick Ngala wears many hats. He is the Managing Partner at Priority Activator Consulting, a company that offers bespoke business advisory services to help African SMEs and corporate with an aim to maximize their business performance

[Column] Bob Koigi: Key lessons for businesses during national elections

02-03-2017 | 05:48:00
This year five African countries go to the polls. To some like Kenya, the run up to the general election is being characterized by high octane politics. But talking to a couple of business people in a forum the other day, the mood is that of fear, anxiety and uncertainty