[CEO Interview] Olakunle Aderemi, CEO, Foreign Direct Investment Opportunity in Nigeria Exhibition, London, UK

06-18-2015 | 08:30:00
Olakunle Aderemi is CEO, Foreign Direct Investment Opportunity in Nigeria Exhibition (FODION), London, UK. His interview with Africa Business Communities:

[Interview] Thembe Khumalo, Executive Director at Island Hospice & Healthcare, Zimbabwe

06-18-2015 | 07:41:00
Thembe Khumalo is Executive Director at Island Hospice & Healthcare, Zimbabwe. Her interview with Africa Business Communities:

[Interview] Abraham Johan Meintjes, Social Entreprenuer, South Africa

06-18-2015 | 07:35:00
Abraham Johan Meintjes is leader of El-Shaddai Projects, an entrepreneural and Christian enterprise with objectives of improving agricultural developments in Southern Africa. His interview with Africa Business Communities:

Francis Nutsuego: The Booming Real Estate vs The Ailing Furniture Industry in Ghana

06-16-2015 | 16:24:00
As the real estate industry is booming in Ghana we expect the same thing in the furniture industry because they go hand in hand. Whenever you build or buy a house the next thing is to furnish it.

[CEO Interview] Chioma Okoli-Chima, CEO, Olivet Cloud Solutions, Nigeria

06-15-2015 | 13:57:00
Chioma Okoli-Chima is an engineer and CEO of Olivet Cloud Solutions, Nigeria, with over 10 years’ experience in Software Development, Cloud Computing and ERP Implementation. Her interview with Africa Business Communities:

Harriman Oyofo: Questions Before or During a Crisis? The Businessman’s Choice

06-15-2015 | 11:11:00
If there were to be a serious fire and explosion on your oil & gas installation how would you react or respond? Would you know what to do? Are your people prepared to do what has to be done to minimize the outcome? Is there a plan in place to deal with stuff like that?

[Interview] Dr. Stanley Ko, Founder, Albarka Africa Investments

06-11-2015 | 13:23:00
Dr. Stanley Ko is a Singaporean entrepreneur, business development strategist, and Founder of Albarka Africa Investments. He has worked for many years in Africa, namely Nigeria and South Africa, in various directorial capacities. He currently resides in Johannesburg, South Africa. His interview with Africa Business Communities:

[Africa CEO Forum] Herbert Rajula: Banking and Economic Development cannot exist without Access to Credit

06-11-2015 | 07:38:00
As for promoting development, very few African banks have offices outside the continent and those could be challenging markets to venture into and until they're ready to provide greater access to credit at lower rates, they remain self-serving, profit making machines. That then raises the question, isn't it supposed to be so?

Africa Business Communities Networking Event | Amsterdam - 23 June 2015

06-09-2015 | 14:22:00
The Amstel Hotel, located at the Amstel river in the heart of Amsterdam, is the perfect location to meet with top business professionals operating in Africa.

[Africa CEO Forum] Lasbrey Nze: African Banks Need to Liaise Better with National Governments

06-09-2015 | 13:30:00
Although the reforms have met with several challenges and constraints, it is gratifying to note that most African banks that weathered the storm came out more robust and effective. Generally, there has been a slow but steady growth of the banking sector.

[Africa CEO Forum] Simon Bere: African Banks Need a Higher Risk Tolerance to make it to the Next Level

06-09-2015 | 11:39:00
Regarding the ability to compete in the global markets, it is an entrepreneurial matter more than anything else. Given that collapse of boundaries made possible by the digital revolution, it may not even be important for African banks to migrate physically and set up brick and mortar structures in other continents for them to operate globally.

[Africa CEO Forum] Harriman Oyofo: There must be more to banking than making deposits

06-09-2015 | 11:25:00
There should be a conscious change from our local banks if Africa's economic development future is to be secured or given 100% support especially by banks operating in Nigeria, instead of looking for quick yields by engaging in intangible consumerism midwifery.

[Africa CEO Forum] Akin Oke: Old rent-seeking practices are keeping African Banks as bit part players in African economic development

06-09-2015 | 11:17:00
African Banks have gone through a number of transformations in the past few decades and this has resulted in the emergence of a few strong regional banks that can surely compete in global markets.

[CEO Interview] Sharon Dipita, Founder/CEO, DIPMAN, Cameroon

06-09-2015 | 11:08:00
Sharon Dipita is CEO of DIPMAN, a communications and marketing agency in Cameroon. He also founded in 2013 the Cameroonian Youth Synergy, a participatory platform for the development of youth entrepreneurship. His interview with Africa Business Communities:

[Africa CEO Forum] Dennis Belford: African Banks are increasingly able to compete on a global scale

06-09-2015 | 10:58:00
There is no doubt that African banks are up skilling and dealing with global as well as regional and national banking needs. Some points noteworthy...

Stallone-Obaraemi Samuel: Managing African Economy – The role of Governments and Central Banks

06-09-2015 | 10:53:00
It is justifiable to say that governments need to apply different policies and measures in order to be able to minimise or alleviate economic difficulties they may face. Let us consider a few of them.

Harriman Oyofo: Mobile Phones are Safe, it´s People that are not

06-09-2015 | 10:45:00
Long before mobile phones came along people still found ways to make things turn out the way they were supposed to. Work could still be hazardous or downright perilous provided the right triggers were present. People ate, drank, and smoked behind the wheel.

Robert Nii Arday Clegg: Africans Must Step Up To The Plate!

06-09-2015 | 10:07:00
It was a very cold afternoon in January of 2014. Our International Commercial Arbitration class had ended barely ten minutes earlier. I stood by the exit doors, occasionally peering through the thick transparent glass, as though such a ritual would make the outside temperature warmer when I finally stepped out into the wintry conditions.

Thierry Sanders: Are African banks ready for the challenges ahead?

06-09-2015 | 07:09:00
Life for African banks has been relatively easy. Treasury bills provide a high return for little effort. Western capital is getting very low rates at home, and is seeking out higher rates in Africa.

Franklyn Jumu: African Banks; Ensuring Africa’s resources work for Africa – its natural resources, its capital markets and its domestic revenues

06-08-2015 | 07:31:00
Africa competes for capital with other parts of the world. A stable continent is the absolute prerequisite for this. The Banking industries mandate requires them to minimize the risks of doing business for Africans and foreign investors alike.