[Interview] Chief Anayo Alozie, Managing Director, Iga-Shar Services, Nigeria

08-20-2015 | 09:59:00
Chief Anayo Alozie has occupied several high-level management positions in the Nigerian private and public oil sectors. He is currently the Managing Director of Iga-shar Services, Nigeria.

Rudolf Huber: LPG in Africa - May the Games Commence

08-18-2015 | 10:06:00
It is difficult not to be stunned by what happens in energy nowadays. Prices were stratospheric for many years and suddenly have dropped to less than half just to regain a little over the last weeks and months.

[Startup Interview] Kasim Chihabi, Founder and CEO, Moreco, Morocco

08-18-2015 | 09:52:00
Kasim Chihabi is founder of Moreco, started a year ago in Casablanca, Morocco. His interview with Africa Business Communities:

[Interview] Mike Reyes,founder of Reysogroup,Hong-Kong

08-17-2015 | 10:17:00
Mike Reyes is the founder and Managing Director of Reysogroup, Hong-Kong. Reyesogroup connects economies in Africa and India predominantly. His interveiw with Africa Business Communities.

[Interview] Jean-Luc Mathey, team leader, GIZ-IS Gabon, Germany

08-14-2015 | 07:07:00
Jean-Luc Mathey is a team leader at GIZ-IS Gabon, Germany. He also founded a buying agency and a training center.

Chioma Nnani: Location is a Game Changer – Always has been

08-13-2015 | 10:05:00
Talent, discipline and smart work are necessary for commercial success, especially success that is sustainable and can be replicated. But location is also a game-changer. It has always been.

Harriman Oyofo: The Nigerian penchant for blaming God

08-13-2015 | 09:47:00
It is safe to say at this point that looking for who is to blame amounts to taking the path of least resistance – an unnecessary official cop out which may be due to ignorance or lack of capacity, or both.

Maria Auma: Negotiating to Close – Deal makers and breakers

08-13-2015 | 09:22:00
According to the East African, in 2014 the value of private equity deals in Africa reached its second-highest level at US$ 8.1 billion since 2007 when it was at US$ 8.3 billion.

[Interview] Fabian Carlos Guhl, Founder and Managing Director, AMPION, Germany

08-12-2015 | 07:12:00
Fabian Carlos Guhl is the founder and managing director at AMPION, Germany. His interview with Africa Business Communities:

[Interview] Alexander Herring, Managing Director, Safegate, Germany

08-10-2015 | 09:06:00
Alexander Herring is the managing director at Safegate, Germany. He is also a participant in the Africa Business Communities Networking Event in Hamburg 21 September. His interview with Africa Business Communities.

[Interview] Marc van der Sterren, Chief Editor and Consultant, FarmingAfrica, Netherlands

08-07-2015 | 12:22:00
Marc van der Sterren is the Chief Editor and consultant at FarmingAfrica, Netherlands. His interview with Africa Business Communities:

Odimbite Odimbite: Staff Management in Nigeria - It Really Isn't Brain Surgery

08-06-2015 | 10:43:00
The war for good talent rages on. Good employees are becoming increasingly difficult to find yet there are abundant human resources globally. There is gross youth unemployment with hundreds of thousands underemployed.

[Interview] Motola Oyebanjo, Client Service Director, AeriaView Marketing Communications, Nigeria

08-06-2015 | 08:21:00
Motola Oyebanjo is former Head of Corporate Communications, British Council, Nigeria. She is currently Partner and Client Service Director of AerialView Marketing Communications, Nigeria. Her interview with Africa Business Communities:

[Interview] Frances Mensah Williams, CEO, Interims for Development, UK

08-04-2015 | 08:28:00
Frances Mensah Williams is British/Ghanaian CEO of Interims for Development, UK. She also serves as Managing Editor, ReConnectAfrica.com. Her interview with Africa Business Communities:

[Interview] Maria E. Auma, Founder, Blue Luxury Investments, Uganda

08-04-2015 | 08:11:00
Maria E. Auma is Founder, Blue Luxury Investments, an investment management solutions firm based in Uganda. Her interview with Africa Business Communities:

Harriman Oyofo: Safety as a No. 1 Priority – a Business Lie

08-04-2015 | 08:04:00
Many workplaces have huge signs splashed across their entrances boldly proclaiming SAFETY as their No.1 priority but I would be worried if I found myself working in such an outfit. I’ll be worried because in all honesty no business owner sets up just to make safety his/her number one priority.

Chioma Nnani: Lost Opportunities in the Abuja Market

08-04-2015 | 07:50:00
Anyone who's been to Abuja knows that it's what some call an effizy place. That's a way of saying appearances matter more than substance. Personally, I find some of it laughable. But it's very difficult to laugh at the lost business opportunities inflicted by the 'appearance over substance' mentality.

Maria Auma: What it means to be in Business in Uganda – A Woman’s Perspective

07-30-2015 | 09:16:00
In Uganda, and regionally there is the general misconception that most women in business are great at it, probably better than most of their colleagues. The facts on ground however are totally different.

[Interview] Kees Veerman, Head of FX Desk, Ebury, Netherlands

07-30-2015 | 08:55:00
Kees Veerman is Head of Desk, Foreign Exchange at Ebury, Netherlands. His interview with Africa Business Communities:

[Interview] Kayode Jesuseun, Founder, Whatproperty.ng, Nigeria

07-30-2015 | 08:44:00
Kayode Jesuseun is founder, Whatproperty.ng, a real estate property platform for the Nigerian market. His interview with Africa Business Communities: