[Interview] Princess Onitilo, Founder, Tress Free, UK

08-18-2016 | 08:36:00
Born in South East London to a Sierra Leonean mother and Nigerian father, Princess Onitilo graduated with honours from Warwick University with a degree in Law and Sociology. And then her entrepreneurial spirit led her down a different path with the launch of Tress Free.

Nigeria’s Smartphone Users Spend 193minutes on Device Daily

08-17-2016 | 08:16:00
A new report has shown that an average smartphone user in Nigeria spends about 193 minutes on the device, either browsing, texting or making calls daily.

[Column] Chris Green: BREXIT and African Union relationships and future

08-17-2016 | 07:23:00
Financially it seems that Brexit has created the possibility of some form of economic changes in Africa. The African Union (AU) leaders have met to analyse the impact of this event and of course look at ways toward an even bigger continental integration of the continent and ways to benefit from this momentous event.

Housing and Residential Development Egypt Summit: Meet developers with US$60 billion of projects

08-17-2016 | 06:27:00
As you may be aware, Egypt’s housing and residential sector has been experiencing exceptional growth over the last 5 years. We have been in discussions with a number of the major developers in Egypt and they are very bullish about the future.

No longer at ease - Key lessons for Kenyan flower industry from EPA, Brexit on market diversification

08-12-2016 | 13:41:00
The Kenyan flower and by extension horticulture industry is going through very interesting times that could make or break it. Yet this is a sector that has played such a crucial role in its contribution to the country’s purse

Increased Use of Objective Lenses in Imaging and Photography to Propel Objective Lens Market in Africa

08-11-2016 | 10:25:00
Market Research Hub (MRH) has added a new market intelligence report to its comprehensive collection of research studies, a 165-page research study titled “Objective Lens Markets in Africa to 2020.

Why Nigeria is the key mobile market in Africa

08-09-2016 | 11:04:00
African mobile marketing company Twinpine has launched a Nigerian mobile trend report, looking at how users are consuming data and using mobile, highlighting why Nigeria is the biggest and key mobile market in Africa.

Pause and address bottlenecks stifling private businesses from thriving

08-03-2016 | 14:04:00
The East African region has been hailed as a magnet for investors both local and beyond. What with good climate, huge investment in infrastructure, a burgeoning middle class with an affinity for spending and a thriving work force. It is truly a cocktail of incentives for any investor

Launch LinkedIn Group Congo Business Communities

08-03-2016 | 06:44:00
Africa Bususiness Communities is lauching the LinkedIn group Congo Business Communities.

Launch African Leadership University School of Business

08-01-2016 | 10:48:00
My name is Fred Swaniker, founder of African Leadership University (ALU). I am delighted to announce the launch of ALU School of Business to you as a member of the Pretoria Business Club.

[Survey] Implementing Inclusive Business Models in Africa

07-27-2016 | 14:23:00
This short survey is part of a major research project undertaken by Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University (The Netherlands) in collaboration with ESAMI and the Netherlands African Business Council.

Ultra broadband is becoming more prominent in Africa

07-26-2016 | 09:43:00
The Huawei ICT Summit & UBBS (Ultra-Broadband Summit) was held in Pretoria on the 19th July 2016. With the theme of “Broadband for All, Building a Better Connected Africa”, the summit was attended by some 300 delegates, including operator executives, experts from industrial standards organizations and consultants.

The employment relationship and how it is affected by business transfers in countries across Africa

07-25-2016 | 11:07:00
Different African countries regulate the employment impact of business transfers differently. The key distinction across jurisdictions is whether or not there is an automatic transfer of employment with going concern transfers, and if there is, whether this applies in outsourcing situations as well.

[Column] Bob Koigi: Kenya’s Reality in Agribusiness and Value Addition

07-22-2016 | 16:19:00
In recent years, the government through the Kenya Tea Development Authority (KTDA) that pays farmers for export of tea has been paying the farmers unprecedented bonuses. In fact in 2012, the Kenyan farmers received the highest bonus in the world in that period

The Big Brands & Africa Survey | Smartphones

07-21-2016 | 05:43:00
The Africa Consumer Panel is executing The Big Brands & Africa Survey. You are invited to participate!

[Column] Bob Koigi: Why Kenya needs more farmers hands, not more suits

07-15-2016 | 14:51:00
Kenya is sitting at the edge of a precipice while dancing with an avoidable time bomb. Data released by various institutions indicate that each year over 800,000 youths are ripe and qualified to join the job market

[Column] Rudolf Huber: LNG in South Africa

07-14-2016 | 10:34:00
The new situation we have with comparatively cheaper LNG is sharpening our senses for new opportunities. This happens out of pain experienced by the producers as well as out of opportunistic endeavor in potential consuming markets.

OPEC Sees Brexit Risk to Oil Demand, Slide in Non-OPEC Supply

07-14-2016 | 10:06:00
OPEC said the U.K.’s vote to leave the European Union could curb global economic growth next year, notably in Europe, where the risk is that demand for oil could fall.

Annual Egypt Ports and Waterways Summit: Egypt port authorities and Ministry of Transport meet to discuss upcoming projects

07-14-2016 | 09:34:00
Developing business with government can be difficult. Getting hold of accurate information and getting the right meetings can therefore be a challenge when doing business in Egypt.

[Interview] Paul J. Swaak, CEO, LOGISA

07-14-2016 | 07:33:00
Africa Business Communities interviews Dutch businessman and entrepreneur Paul J. Swaak, CEO of LOGISA: