[Startup Interview] George Ugwuja, Founder, CapitalPower Multimedia, Nigeria

02-11-2020 | 09:35:00
CapitalPower Multimedia Ltd is a Nigeria-based multimedia startup whose core services include photography, videography, documentary production, drone services, animation, graphic design and prints.

[Column] Tabassum Qadir: South African Airways ship is sinking, but there is a life raft

02-11-2020 | 09:10:00
The South African Communist Party (SACP) has called for workers' rights to be fully protected while at the same time pursuing the turnaround of SAA.

[Column] Nicolas Blixell: Emerging technologies are opening up opportunities in Africa

02-08-2020 | 13:49:00
The world as we know it is becoming more digital than ever, and this is just the beginning.

[Column] Johan Scheeper: Be data ready in 2020 by tackling key data issues

02-06-2020 | 12:17:00
Data is an intrinsic part of business processes and also a source of competitive differentiation thanks to the potential of data analytics.

Wanted: African Startups for Interviews

02-05-2020 | 08:38:00
Africa Business Communities is conducting a series of interviews with startup businesses in Africa

[Column] Fuad Siddiqui: Connecting innovation to socio-economic prosperity

02-05-2020 | 05:38:47
Technology is more than just a tool designed to make things go faster. It’s a lever that can be used to improve the human condition through innovation, efficiency, and productivity.

[Column] Richard Quest: Davos was different this year

02-02-2020 | 10:00:00
It is fashionable to leave Davos and reflect, ‘was it worth the trek?’ This year I think it most certainly was. I noticed some big differences.

[Column] Stephane Duproz: The rise of data centres in Africa

01-30-2020 | 13:05:14
Data centre market in Africa is poised on the brink of hugely accelerated growth, driven by several factors, including a soaring demand for cloud services.

[Column] Josephine Wawira: How fintechs are making Africa a leading global Innovation Hub

01-30-2020 | 12:28:00
60% of the adult population in Africa is unbanked and the financial sector is considerably underdeveloped. Fintech has been a welcomed revolution that is seen to be boosting Africa’s financial infrastructure.

Open APIs to power next stage of Uganda’s digital economy

01-30-2020 | 09:18:15
While about 18 million Ugandans are now able to access services via the internet, only a fraction of the 18 million are able to bank, pay school fees or utility bills.

[Column] Muhammad Nabil: There’s not enough women-led tech start-ups – and it’s costing us all

01-30-2020 | 08:26:00
Despite this momentum, however, there’s a concerning trend: Globally, women-led start-ups only receive two percent of all venture capital (VC) funding – and the picture within enterprise tech is dimmer.

[Column] Florence Nisabwe: Revitalizing Africa’s rural areas through social entrepreneurship

01-30-2020 | 06:59:15
African cities are growing rapidly, but an estimated two-thirds of African people still live in rural areas.

[Column] Christoph Fitih: Telecom 2020 - Africa

01-30-2020 | 05:24:00
Christoph Fitih, Director Sales: Africa at Parallel Wireless, predicts that open minds and fair trade will play a leading role in revolutionising the African telecoms market into the next decade.

[Column] Miana Naude: SA needs a clear, rational approach to tech investing amid current challenges

01-29-2020 | 12:19:41
A chronic ICT skills shortage, poor macro-economic conditions, and tightening corporate budgets are all contributing to a tough operating environment for South African startups and top blue-chip enterprises alike.

[Column] Gomedi Makhongoana: How cloud can help educational institutions

01-29-2020 | 07:53:00
With the highest youth unemployment rate in the world, paired with worrying skills shortages, the pressure is on universities and other tertiary education institutions in South Africa to admit more students.

[Column] Sean McCormick: Leapfrog, collaborate, innovate

01-29-2020 | 04:47:55
The African continent is vast. Its rugged landscapes and limited infrastructure impact on its ability to drive economic growth and capitalise on the digital revolution.

[Column] Barry Cook: Is your personal data safe?

01-29-2020 | 04:29:00
We share a lot more information in the digital world than we used to. Businesses, organisations, close family, friends and acquaintances- all have access to some of our important personal data.

[Column] Andy Papastefanou: Standardising eSignatures to drive adoption

01-23-2020 | 12:50:18
The eSignature market is highly regulated with a plethora of choices when it comes to vendor solutions.

[Interview] Clément Uwajeneza, Country Director, Andela, Rwanda

01-23-2020 | 08:47:00
Clément Uwajeneza is leading the Rwandan arm of Andela's international organization of software engineers in Africa. Africa Business Communities has a brief chat with him.

[Column] David Bunei: Stay ahead of those data security woes

01-23-2020 | 06:20:00
The very factors that have helped to make Kenya such a motivated and major African player in the Digital Age have also made local organisations in the public and private sector vulnerable to security threats and compliance issues