[Column] Tamer Farouk: What CIOs must do to improve businesses’ IT alignment

06-24-2019 | 09:15:00
The pressure currently mounting on the modern CIO is from CEOs increasingly demanding that they align their IT processes with the overarching strategic objectives of the organisation.

[Africa Tech Week] Africa sees strong internet use growth

06-20-2019 | 11:34:00
According to the International Telecommunication Union's (ITU) only a quarter of Africans have access to the internet. The region has however been seeing the strongest growth.

[Column] Arif Zaman: Diaspora holds huge potential to facilitate trade and investment

06-20-2019 | 11:00:00
Globalization was once driven almost exclusively by governments, the world’s large multinational corporations and major financial institutions.

[Interview] Adan Abbey, President, Horn of Africa Insurance, Somalia

06-19-2019 | 13:05:28
Adan Abbey is the President of Horn of Africa Insurance that serves the Somaliland and Somalia market.

[Column] Riaan Graham: Africa’s Wi-Fi Growth In Full Force

06-19-2019 | 08:46:35
World Wi-Fi Day is celebrated every year on June 20th, signifying a day where governments, industries and consumers recognise the important role of Wi-Fi in socio-economic development.

[Column] Tamer Farouk: Capturing the value of technology for the future of work in Kenya

06-17-2019 | 07:40:00
Technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality and augmented reality (VR/AR) have been a hot topic for both businesses and governments.

[Interview] Mikul Shah, Managing Director, EatOut, Kenya

06-14-2019 | 13:06:00
Mikul Shah is the Managing Director of EatOut a Kenyan tech enabled hospitality media firm.

[Column] Pedro Guerreiro: Connectivity, digital literacy, youth turning Africa into a vast neural network

06-14-2019 | 13:03:25
The human brain remains one of nature’s greatest wonders. It is estimated 100 billion neurons process and transmit information to create the most complex computational devices in the known universe.

[Column] Doug Woolley: How to save cloud from complexity

06-14-2019 | 06:34:01
Ten years ago, business technologies had saturated to breaking point. The potential they offered were diminished by their deployment and maintenance costs.

[Column] Mala Bhatt: Why ERP is a big deal to your business

06-13-2019 | 13:06:00
If you have been involved in managing a growing business, you have surely heard the term ERP a lot.

[Africa Tech Week] African businesses are seizing opportunities in AI

06-13-2019 | 13:03:04
The future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Africa is very bright. The technology is going to be the most revolutionary technology that humanity ever experienced, and many African countries have already started implementing it in its earliest forms.

[Column] Kayleigh Alexandra: Why Africa's ecommerce industry is poised for boom

06-13-2019 | 11:04:00
Africa is the second largest continent on the planet, the most populated area on the globe, and home to one of the fastest-growing consumer bases in the world.

[Column] Nixon Kanali: Cloud, an essential component for every African business

06-13-2019 | 10:46:00
Cloud computing has been in existence for almost two decades now helping businesses stay secure from cyber threats. The technology points to business efficiencies, cost benefits and holds a very competitive advantage.

[Interview] Anne Wambui Gaitha, CEO, Regal Africa, Kenya

06-13-2019 | 10:33:00
Anne Wambui Gaitha is an investment and financial services professional. She founded Regal Africa in 2015. Located at Top Plaza, 4th floor, Kindaruma Road, Kilimani, Nairobi, the company provides diverse financial services in East Africa.

[Column] Julia Chatterley: Haze is clearing for cannabis investors

06-13-2019 | 10:00:00
Few Investment opportunities promise the potential highs and lows offered by the Cannabis Industry. Pot stocks are smoking hot.

[Column] Andrew Sordam: The huge opportunity for consolidation and cloud in Africa

06-12-2019 | 05:35:00
It is only 100 days since I took up the post of VP for Africa at Oracle, but already it is clear why the continent is such a priority for the company, and why it is considered a land of opportunity in the tech space.

[Events] The Land Accelerator | 7-12 September 2019 | Nairobi | Kenya

06-08-2019 | 09:05:00
A game-changing event took place in 2018 that breathed new life into old land: the first cohort of the Land Accelerator brought together entrepreneurs from seven countries across Africa. The magic will happen again from September 7-12, 2019, in Nairobi, Kenya

[Column] Nicolas Roger: What is shaping EMEA’s smart cities?

06-07-2019 | 13:05:00
Cities around the world are facing enormous challenges as urbanization accelerates.

[Startup Interview] Fahim Saleh, Founder, Gokada, Nigeria

06-06-2019 | 12:07:00
Fahim Saleh founded the Lagos-based transport service app, Gokada, in February 2018. He now holds the position of co-CEO alongside Ayodeji Adewunmi.

[Column] Phathizwe Malinga: Evaluating artificial education

06-05-2019 | 12:30:37
Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to cause ripples across industry, sector, and organisation. It is changing the way people engage and consume products and solutions, shifting the benchmarks of development and data analysis within the organisation