[Africa Tech Review] Nixon Kanali: Africa continues to attract investments from big tech

05-19-2022 | 15:22:00
Oracle this week revealed plans to establish a new branch of Oracle Labs, Oracle's advanced research arm, at Casanearshore Park in Casablanca Morocco.

[Column] Grant Phillips: South Africa’s proptech revolution is about to begin

05-19-2022 | 14:04:28
Despite being one of the single largest industries globally, the property and real estate sector, both locally and abroad, have remained well behind the technology curve. 

Skaleet partners with Mobiblanc to launch tech solution targeting financial institutions in Africa

05-19-2022 | 13:56:00
The partnership will ensure that financial institutions have the capacities to launch new digital and innovative financial solutions that they can provide to their customers, whether businesses or individuals.

[Column] Andrew Springate: Building the backbone of a subscription empire

05-19-2022 | 13:26:00
Subscription services have grown tremendously in the last two years in South Africa and will continue to do so. The local subscription economy is expected to grow 14 percent each year to exceed USD$820 million in 2025.

[Nigeria Business Week] Andrea Ayemoba: Clean energy gets funding amid inflation and trade deficits

05-19-2022 | 12:14:00
Oil and Gas has been a pillar supporting the Nigerian economy for a very long time. Rich in this natural resource, Nigeria may be guilty of neglecting other promising sectors, like Agriculture and even Insurance.

GET.invest Burundi kicks off first activities

05-19-2022 | 11:31:46
GET.invest Burund aiming to respond to the country’s need for affordable, reliable and clean access to energy services alongside its regional partners.

Ethiopia’s financial sector set for transformation with launch of FSD Ethiopia

05-19-2022 | 11:07:03
FSD Ethiopia was officially launched with funding from UKAid and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, FSD Ethiopia will build on FSD Africa’s initial efforts to strengthen the country’s financial sector.

Naspers Foundry leads R83 million equity round in agritech company Nile

05-19-2022 | 09:33:00
Naspers, through its early-stage tech investment vehicle Naspers Foundry, announced a R40 million ($2.5 million) investment in Nile, an agritech company that connects farmers to buyers of fresh produce.

HSBC launches US$1 billion Female Entrepreneur Fund in 11 countries, including Egypt

05-19-2022 | 09:20:05
The fund is launched in addition to HSBC Roar program to help women entrepreneurs address business challenges. For that purpose, it will provide funds and technical support.

Kuramo Capital s'engage à verser 10 millions de dollars à Uhuru Fund I

05-19-2022 | 09:02:00
L'aide apportée au Uhuru Growth Fund offre aux GP et aux entrepreneurs la possibilité d'accéder à des capitaux institutionnels, ainsi que de développer une empreinte mondiale et une connaissance approfondie de la région ouest-africaine.

Kuramo Capital makes US$10 million commitment to Uhuru Fund I

05-19-2022 | 08:49:00
The support to Uhuru Growth Fund includes opportunities for GPs and entrepreneurs to access institutional capital, as well as develop a global footprint and deep understanding of the west African region.

Elite Capital obtient l’agrément de la BEAC pour effectuer les opérations du dépositaire central

05-19-2022 | 08:23:00
Elite Capital Securities Central Africa S.A, société de bourse camerounaise agréée par la Commission de surveillance des marchés financiers (Cosumaf), informe qu’elle a obtenu l’autorisation de la Banque des États de l’Afrique centrale pour effectuer, les opérations du dépositaire central.

[Column] Muhammad Gambo: The Russia – Ukraine conflict and its impact on the built environment industry in Africa

05-18-2022 | 11:15:00
The imminent food crisis resulting from the war is the topic du jour. However, there are other sectors to consider; one of them is the Built Environment. 

[Kenya] CMA grants AKN Investments Ltd an investment adviser license

05-18-2022 | 11:00:00
The Capital Markets Authority (CMA) has licensed AKN Investments Limited as an investment adviser under the Capital Markets Act and Regulations.

[Madagascar] BAD approuve une nouvelle stratégie d’intervention pour la période 2022-2026

05-18-2022 | 10:30:45
Le Conseil d’administration du Groupe de la Banque africaine de développement a approuvé le Document de stratégie-pays pour la période 2022-2026 pour Madagascar, son nouveau cadre d'intervention pour la Grande île.

[Column] Nelson Maina: Why Kenyan government should reduce fertilizer prices to bolster food security

05-18-2022 | 10:30:00
Kenya’s cost of living has hit unprecedented highs with prices of basic commodities being out of reach for many citizens.

OPEC Fund provides US$ 18mln to “Nyacyonga–Mukoto Road Project” in Rwanda

05-18-2022 | 09:19:00
The OPEC Fund is providing a US$18 million loan to the government of Rwanda to support the “Nyacyonga–Mukoto Road Project”, helping to improve living standards and economic livelihoods in the country.

[Ghana] GEA partners with IE University’s Africa Center to promote women entrepreneurship

05-18-2022 | 08:49:00
GEA and IE Africa Center have announced a partnership to promote the economic empowerment of women in Ghana by focusing on providing leadership and development training for women entrepreneurs. 

British International Investment partners with Citi to unlock supply chain finance for African businesses

05-18-2022 | 08:41:00
The British International Investment (BII), signed a $100 million risk-sharing facility for supply chain finance with Citi, to provide systemic liquidity and help Citi grow its supply chain finance product across Africa.

[Column] Marilyn Moodley: Five ways IT companies can grow in Africa

05-17-2022 | 12:55:51
Securing meaningful, sustainable growth in Africa requires a precise skillset with an airtight strategy, the right product fit with a tailored understanding of the market, and crucially, forward-looking leadership.