EU, COMESA sign € 48.2 million financing agreements

11-22-2023 | 10:12:00
The Trade Competitiveness and Market Access program (EUR 40 million) will focus on improving the overall trade competitiveness of COMESA member states, while seeking opportunities that come along with global challenges, such as climate change, and making trade more sustainable.

AfDB approves $10 million investment in Dhamana Guarantee Company Limited East Africa

11-22-2023 | 10:00:00
Dhamana will be domiciled in Kenya as a limited liability company with a regional mandate to provide credit guarantees on debt capital market instruments.

Proparco et Société Générale Sénégal renforcent leur partenariat en faveur de l’entrepreneuriat au Sénégal

11-22-2023 | 06:54:00
Proparco renouvelle son soutien à un partenaire de longue date, en octroyant à Société Générale Sénégal une garantie de portefeuille « ARIZ » pour renforcer l’octroi de crédits aux TPE et PME.

[EVENT] Verto FX partners with UBA Kenya to launch Verto Atlas

11-21-2023 | 10:49:29
Join us for an exclusive event launch, as we unveil Verto Atlas, the financial powerhouse for large corporations and enterprises in Kenya, hosted by Verto on Thursday 23rd November.

[Column] Dr. Ahmadu Samateh: Unleashing the power of partnerships to transform healthcare in Africa

11-21-2023 | 10:15:00
Becoming a surgeon in The Gambia was not without challenges. With no medical school in our country at the time, I pursued education elsewhere. Armed with newfound knowledge and expertise, I returned to the country to make a positive impact on healthcare.

Absa Group’s Mauritius subsidiary agrees to acquire HSBC assets

11-21-2023 | 10:15:00
The transaction also reinforces Absa Mauritius’s commitment to expanding as an influential role-player in the Mauritian economy.

IFC, T. Rowe Price to create first global blue bond strategy to support blue economy

11-21-2023 | 10:10:00
The proposed T. Rowe Price Emerging Markets Blue Economy Bond Strategy (T. Rowe Price Blue) is expected to mobilize international capital from eligible investors to support blue-labeled investments in emerging markets globally.

FSD accorde environ 2 milliards de riyals de prêts pour soutenir des projets de développement en Afrique

11-20-2023 | 20:00:00
Le Fonds saoudien pour le développement accorde environ 2 milliards de riyals de prêts concessionnels pour soutenir des projets de développement en Afrique.

World Bank foresees $12 billion in support for Kenya over the next three years

11-20-2023 | 11:30:51
Looking ahead, the World Bank has announced it is fully committed to support Kenya in its journey to become an upper-middle-income country by 2030.

Arab Coordination Group pledges US$50 billion for African development

11-20-2023 | 08:15:00
Stepping up their support for African partner countries ahead of the crucial COP28 climate change conference, the Arab Coordination Group (ACG) announced today that it aims to allocate up to US$50 billion to help build resilient infrastructure and inclusive societies in the African continent.

[AFIS 2023]: Un sommet pour construire une industrie financière Africaine de classe mondiale

11-20-2023 | 06:34:00
Plus de 1000 leaders financiers, décideurs politiques et régulateurs sont réunis pour relever des défis majeurs et créer une industrie financière de classe mondiale.

UBA Plc has received a trade finance facility worth $150m from the Afreximbank

11-20-2023 | 06:21:00
Afreximbank Avails UBA $150m Trade Finance Facility to Cushion Effect of Ukraine War on Customers.

Afreximbank launches African gastronomy and culinary arts programme

11-20-2023 | 06:12:15
The African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) today in Cairo launched an African Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Programme under its Creative Africa Nexus Initiative (CANEX).

Ecobank et African Guarantee Fund signent un accord de partage des risques de 200 millions de dollars

11-20-2023 | 05:59:00
L'accord de partage de risque de 200 millions USD marque le troisième renouvellement du partenariat entre Ecobank et AGF.

[Column] Anna Collard: Cybercriminal for hire: The rise of ransomware-as-a-service

11-17-2023 | 17:06:00
Ransomware attacks are rapidly posing a greater threat due to the availability of RaaS solutions on the dark web.

Ecobank and African Guarantee Fund sign $200 million risk sharing agreement

11-17-2023 | 17:00:00
The two organisations signed a strategic partnership agreement today on the sidelines of the Africa Financial Industry Summit (AFIS) in Lomé, Togo, in the presence of their respective leaders.

[Column] Louis Avenant: Effective rollout of ESIMs requires diverse and optimized systems

11-16-2023 | 12:40:40
Telco operators in Africa have a real opportunity to boost revenue and customer growth by expediting the deployment of eSims. But first they’ll need to navigate the nuances of local markets respectively, and optimise their processes.

Afreximbank launches Intra-African EPC Contract Promotion Programme as IATF2023 hosts Presidential Summit

11-16-2023 | 06:00:00
The African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) in Cairo launched a new initiative that will open doors, allowing African contractors to capitalize on various infrastructure investments available across the continent.

ATFX acquires Khwezi Financial Services, a licensed ODP in South Africa

11-15-2023 | 19:00:00
This strategic move further solidifies ATFX's global presence and strengthens its position as a key player in the online trading industry.

[Column] Michael Muhangi: Africa’s continental integration offers opportunities for cross-border expansion

11-15-2023 | 11:00:00
With the gradual elimination of political, economic, and regulatory barriers has come a need for financial institutions to adopt a strong trans-regional focus.