How food manufacturers can ensure waste products are disposed of responsibly

11-14-2019 | 11:32:00
The 2018 listeriosis outbreak in South Africa highlighted the importance of food safety in the production value chain. Since then, the government has cracked down on failures in hygiene in the food supply chain.

[Column] Mandla Mbonambi: DevTestOps - the continuous test

11-14-2019 | 07:59:05
It seems like only yesterday that DevOps became the portmanteau de jour and confused everyone except those who were involved in its processes.

[Column] Catherine Moore: Accountants now also opting for Cloud solutions

11-13-2019 | 13:11:52
Gone are the days of software and hardware upgrades, accountants are now opting for cloud ERP systems like Uniconta

[Interview] David Mbuta, CEO, Ubuntu Meal Delivery Services, Zambia

11-11-2019 | 14:44:00
David Mbuta is the founder of Ubuntu Meal Delivery Services Ltd, a Zambian startup that is riding on a burgeoning working class conscious about their health and looking for convenience.

[Column] Edward Israel-Ayide: How co-operatives aid development in African economies

11-11-2019 | 14:40:44
The rapid advancement of mechanization from the mid-1700s to the early 1800s which is now considered as the Industrial Revolution, resulted in job losses for many skilled workers across Europe.

[Interview] Samuel Munguti, CEO, Farmers Pride, Kenya

11-08-2019 | 14:34:32
At a time when smallholder farmers across Africa are struggling with access to agricultural inputs, Farmers Pride, based in Kenya has rolled out an elaborate plan to address these biting challenges.

[Column] Pedro Guerreiro: Can Africa overcome these three threats to its security and stability?

11-08-2019 | 14:30:58
Our continent is hurtling towards an uncertain future that is being shaped by the forces of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

[Column] Geoffrey White: Warehouse: A foundation for economic growth

11-08-2019 | 14:24:00
Nigeria, Benin, Togo and Ghana are collectively a close knit, English speaking, trade block with a population that exceeds 250 million people, 40% of which are below 30 years old.

[Column] Bouwer Serfontein: Urban design to preserve South Africa’s agricultural economy

11-07-2019 | 11:30:10
Agriculture is a hugely important factor in South Africa's economic development. Our farming communities are part of South Africa's culture, and our future, creating food security, job creation and community upliftment.

[Column] David Bunei: Next-generation cloud eliminates pain points for Kenyan business

11-07-2019 | 09:40:19
The recent Oracle Modern Cloud Day in Nairobi had the opportunity to experience the full potential unlocked by cloud-embedded technology.

[Column] Kree Govender: Breaking away from reporting, embracing predictive, prescriptive analytics

11-06-2019 | 12:10:00
To lead with data in the digital age, today’s businesses must blaze trails daily. The key is to break away from archaic and static business reporting, favouring predictive, prescriptive analytics.

[Column] Syed Asad Abbas: We need to embrace the Cloud

11-06-2019 | 09:31:45
There’s a lot of hype about the Cloud, however what comes to mind when you hear that your software will sit in the cloud, it sounds positively intangible and like a cloud it can fall apart anytime.

[Column] Baratang Miya: Building gender parity in the technology and telecoms industry

11-01-2019 | 12:30:00
AfricaCom 2019 has a strong focus on building gender parity in the technology and telecoms industries this year, with a number of initiatives that will be launched.

[Column] Karien Bornheim: Essential security skills for all employees

10-31-2019 | 11:49:00
Cybercrime is a problem that affects everyone. It doesn’t matter how big or small the company may be, it is at risk of breach, fraud, hack, and theft.

[Column] Kree Govender: The De-silofication of Data in Retail

10-31-2019 | 07:34:11
Across the retail sector, there are three fundamental shifts that need to occur in the digital transformation journey. The first is the rise of the empowered consumer.

[Column] Phathizwe Malinga: Digitising Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

10-31-2019 | 06:33:00
Digitisation has introduced massive changes to every industry and country. And the consumer is the key that unlocks success as individuals become more informed and increase their power by having more choice.

[Column] Bob Koigi: Tackling information gap in Sub Saharan Africa to spur farming renaissance

10-30-2019 | 11:38:40
Sub Saharan Africa is home to dozens of internationally respected agricultural research institutions majority who have their head offices in the region.

[Column] Thierry Hoza Ngoga: Agriculture flagship programmes blazing a trail in Africa

10-30-2019 | 08:28:41
State capability, the ability of government to administer effectively, defines a political system.

[Column] Okisegere Ojepat: Why Kenya's multiple, conflicted agencies make a mess of food safety

10-30-2019 | 08:24:31
Safe food is essential to our health and wellbeing; yet it has emerged as a political football in recent months, as different authorities chase a role in food testing.

[Column] Toney Wabela: Technological disruption looming for Africa’s data network market

10-30-2019 | 07:05:00
For, as the world creates data, there’s an equal demand for resources to store, process and make sense from this data to drive business value.